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Facebook Best Dating Site – One of the highest factors people consider when urged to apply for dating sites is the fees. Most people do not even relate to the idea of paying to find love while most feel the prices are way too high.

This has made people to turn to social media networks in search of love and with apps like Facebook, doing that has never been easier. Facebook has a large percentage of people on the search for a romantic partner or something of sort.

Facebook Best Dating Site | Best Dating Sites On Facebook

Facebook has the largest market when compared to other social media networks when it comes to matchmaking and this was before Facebook dating came into the picture. There are a lot of dating groups, pages, events, and sites on Facebook that facilitate dating on Facebook.

The Facebook Best Dating Site

Online dating has really become a thing with users trooping in by the minute to give it a try. About 54% of Americans believe that relationships that start-out on online dating sites are just as good as those that start-out in person.

These online dating sites have pages or groups on Facebook that users intensely engage with. Below is a list of the best dating sites on Facebook.

6 Facebook Best Dating Site

Tinder Dating Site

It’s should be no surprise that Tinder came off the best as this was the closest thing Facebook had to online dating before the release of Facebook dating late last year. Launched in 2012, Tinder required users to have a Facebook account before registering for its services until late last year.

It has the highest engagement level of all dating sites pages on Facebook surpassing the second with more than double its engagement level.

Zoosk Dating Site

Available in more than 80 countries, this dating site has it all to be tagged as one of the elite site when it comes to online dating. Zoosk was created in 2007 and can already boasts of 26million users with more than 650,000 subscribers.

Zoosk comes into the second place although it engagement level is way behind Tinder, it tends to have more of comments than likes on its posts. Its page on Facebook has 12 million likes way more than that of Tinder.

Badoo Dating Site

This Russian based online social dating site was founded in 2006 and it’s one of the best free online dating site.  It has a swipe feature similar to that of Tinder and it’s does not have any subscription charges, basically it’s a free version of Tinder.

It has 12 million likes on its Facebook page and has a very high engagement level on Facebook, very close to that of Zoosk. It’s also very strong on Instagram probably more stronger than on Facebook.

Match Dating Site

Based in the U.S, this online dating service works in over 50 countries and was created in 1995, fair to tag it as one of the pioneers of online dating. Match had quite a lot of users until the 2011-2014 sexual predators’ scandal which deteriorated its growth and slowed things down.

 It engagement level on Facebook is also quite high. It has almost 900,000 likes on its Facebook page.

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating Site

This online dating site makes finding a date more seriously, it’s not the service to use if you are looking for a fling or a one-time relationship. Also founded in 2012, this online dating service is popularly known for limiting the amount of dating profiles users can interact with on a daily basis.

It has just 46,000 likes on its Facebook page, a loss it makes up for on its Instagram page with more than 200,000 followers. Its engagement level on Instagram is pretty high when compared to other online dating sites on Instagram but on Facebook, quite low.

eHarmony Dating Site

eHarmony was created in late 2000 and is based in the U.S thus it makes sense that this online dating site is one of the most interacted with on Facebook. While setting up an eHarmony profile might seem hard, it still has more than 10 million users worldwide.

eHarmony engagement level on Facebook is not in any way close to that of Zoosk or Tinder. The online dating site clearly understands that and makes up for it by creating a large number of posts.

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