Facebook Avatar Not Available – Facebook Avatar App Not Working – How To Fix It

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Facebook Avatar Not Available – By now, you’ve probably seen the social media company “Facebook” new Avatar feature flooding your news feed. The new Avatar feature on Facebook let’s you create an animated version of yourself that you can use in stickers on the Facebook app.

Facebook Avatar began rolling out in 2019, Avatar’s should be available for all Facebook users in the U.S. creating a Facebook Avatar is like creating a bitmoji on Snapchat.

Facebook Avatar Not Available

Use Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar have officially been rolled out to the world, U.S residents are the last locations in the world to receive the feature late last year.

To get hold of the Facebook Avatar feature, scroll through the customized features which includes; skin tone, hair style, hair color, eye and nose shape, bone structure, and more.

If you’d like to compare your appearance to hour Facebook Avatar, you can take on the mirror option in the top right corner of the page to post a comparison picture. Once you’ve finished, you can share your Avatar to your Facebook news feed or use it on your comment section as a sticker, or chose a pose and make it your profile picture.

You can change your Avatar feature anytime you like by editing it in the Facebook app.

While many Facebook users are happy enjoying the new Avatar feature, others find it difficult to access the Avatar feature or creating their own Avatar cartoons.

Facebook Avatar, Not Working

Facebook bosses said the app has been rolled out for all operating system devices. Fidji Simo identified some potential fixes to the problem as people reported issues, he further stated that people should visit the stickers option and select the purple face, which allows Avatar customization or go to bookmarks and look for Avatar’s under the see more option.

A few people also said that the option didn’t work for them and this could be due to some technical problems.

Facebook Avatar Not Working – How To Fix It

Facebook Avatar cartoon characters is nice but not everyone is having an easy time accessing and creating them.

One way to fix this problem is to make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook network installed on your phone. On your Android device, head to the Google playstore, and select menu. Tap my apps and games and scroll down to Facebook icon to update.

If updating your Facebook app doesn’t give you access to create your own Avatar, then you should try using your Facebook messenger app.

From the messenger app, open your last message and click on the smiley face in the comment bar. Click on what looks like the angry bird on the bottom towards the left side. It will open the Avatar feature.

Finally, it is possible that the Avatar feature haven’t been rolled out to your Facebook account version yet, so it’s best you wait for the feature to arrive.

You can design the cartoon avatar to look exactly as you want, once you’ve created an Avatar you will be able to share the. In different posts.

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