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Facebook Avatar Available – I guess you have been noticing those cute Bitmoji-like avatars all over your Facebook feed, lately? Facebook – The social media giant is getting in on this popular version of emojis that capture your how you look to a large extent and make self-expression that much more fun online.

Facebook  Avatar Available - Facebook Avatar Create Updates

The available Facebook Avatar can be Customized

These large-size emoticon stickers that you can customize to look just like you, can be used for everything from your Facebook profile picture, to chatting in Messenger, leaving comments, and posting stories.

You can now share personalized emotions With Facebook Avatar

The Avatars made available by facebook enables you to share a wide range of emotions and expressions through a digital persona that’s uniquely represents you.

But Hey? How do I Create my own Facebook Avatar?

It is pretty much easy to do, just do the following:

Go to Messenger or the comment box anywhere on FB and there you can access the Avatar build. Next, close to the text box, click the sticker button. You should immediately see an option to Make Your Avatar, that is If the option is rolled out to you, select this to get started.

Picture this – There is no gender option

I do think this is pretty refreshing — there’s no option for gender. Instead you go right into customizing your face, starting with skin tone. There are a decent number of options with respect to eye shape, nose shape, complexion hair style and even glasses.

Don’t worry, they are working on the makeup option

The makeup options are sadly limited, but hopefully I think it will be improved upon over time — however, you can give yourself a wacky shade of lipstick and some bomb lashes.

Have you forgotten what you look like?

Also, if for some reason you don’t know what your face looks like, you can tap on the little mirror option in the top-right corner and it should open up your front-facing camera. That way you can have your own face and body to compare as you build your own avatar.

Facebook will Make more Avatar Options Available – Facebook Avatar Available Option

New customization options, including outfits, is on its way. I hope that’s true, because if there’s one thing that’s deficient in this little character creator, it’s the outfits. You are left with just 3 different plaid shirt outfits, and the only plain t-shirt option requires you wearing skinny jeans and an ugly Converse. Where are the shorts? The chunky heels? Tank tops? Cowboy boots, Cowboy hats?

Don’t like the avatar you have built? Edit My Facebook Avatar

Once the Facebook Avatar is done, if you don’t like it, you can change it at a later. To do so, go to the menu on the Facebook app — the one with the three horizontal lines — and find the purple Avatar option. You can then edit to your heart’s content.

And if you think it doesn’t resemble you when its expression is blank, click the sticker option in the top right and you’ll see what it’ll look like when it’s in the various sticker poses. 

Convolution I thing if the Facebook Avatar is not Available on your phone, first you have to try updating your Facebook messenger and after that if it’s still not available then I guess it not yet in your country as it has not been launched everywhere in the world.

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