How To Create Facebook Advertiser Job | Facebook Job Advertising Tips

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Facebook Advertiser Job – Facebook’s wide customer base makes it a key platform for advertising, now you can advertise job vacancies and posts to interested users and stand a chance of getting qualified workers in no time.

There are varieties of individuals on Facebook, of different ages, sexes, interests, from different locations, of different behaviors and experiences, any type of individual you are looking for to fill in a job post is available on Facebook.

Facebook Advertiser Job

So, you can reach the specific set of individuals you are looking for to occupy specific job positions right on facebook, and facebook adverts make it easy for you to reach varieties of users on the platform. Lots of people spend a whole lot of time of facebook, you stand a great chance of finding the right applicant for that job when you post job ads on facebook.

Facebook Job Advertising | Tip on Facebook Advertiser Job

Facebook ads help you to get the right applicants for the job you need and we can give you some tips to help you in Faceboook job advertising.

  • Your job adverts appear on the Jobs Bookmark on Facebook or on Facebook marketplace which users can easily see. Job adverts also link to your business page, and interested applicants can read about your business and gain useful info about the post they are applying for.
  • You can easily respond to applications with ease on messenger, you can also review applications from here, schedule interviews with applicants and keep track of job ads activities.
  • You can promote job posts from your business page by using facebook ads to reach more qualified applicants.
  • When posting job adverts you have to describe the job in details for applicants to understand, provide important details like job title and location so that applicants will be aware if the job is relevant to them.
  • Also provide important info such as salary, benefits, and working hours to keep your applicants informed about important aspects of the job
  • Keep track of job applications, ask applicants important questions to learn about them and respond quickly to job applications, don’t keep applicants with no reply and no clue of what to do next.

How To Create Facebook Advertiser Job

Facebook ads helps you promote your company or business to the right audience who  are likely to be interested in applying for jobs in your company, so facebook is a good platform for reaching your target audience. To create facebok job ads, follow these steps:

  • You have to first go to FACEBOOK AD MANAGER through your Facebook business page and click CREATE ADS on the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the page.
  • Create Ad campaign by first choosing ad objective, for the purpose of job advert you have to choose Reach so that your ad will be visible to a maximum number of people.
  • After this, select AD CAMPAIGN NAME which should be JOB ADS
  • Then set up ad account by clicking SET UP AD ACCOUNT, enter important info like location, currency and time zone.
  • Create an ad set, you have to choose your company’s Facebook page name as the ad set name,  select your target audience  based on location, age, gender and language. The details you add will help Facebook know the specific type of people to show your ad to.
  • Choose a placement for your ad, you can either choose AUTOMATIC PLACEMENTS or EDIT PLACEMENTS. When you choose automatic placements, your ads will be automatically placed on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other audience network. But you can also choose Edit placements and choose either DEVICE TYPES or PLATFORMS.
  • Set your budget and schedule, select how much you want to pay for ads monthly or maximum amount you want to pay during the life span of the ad and choose how long you want the ad to run.
  • Create your ad, you have four options to help you in creating ad such as Identity, Format, Media and Text. Choose the Facebook page your ad will show on the Identity option, choose the type of ad you want to run video, carousel, slideshow, and others. Then edit and upload the videos or photos you want to ad for Facebook ad through the Media option. On the Text option, you can explain your ad more to applicants, add website URL that links to companies website where users can learn more about job, add headline describing job titles, add news feed link. And also add call to action where people can easily apply for job positions like APPLY NOW link that can lead users to application forms.
  • Once you are done, you can submit order and wait for Facebook’s approval email.

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