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If you think you are obsolete, because you do not have a Facebook account, then you may probably be right, because you are missing out on a whole lot of things.

Facebook account, has come to stay, as one of the profiles, one needs to have, to stay abreast of what is happening and trending all over the globe.

facebook account

With over 2 billion users, Facebook has come to stay as the no 1 social media platform, where you can engage, and get connected to others both locally and globally.

The benefits, that accrues with having a FB account cannot be overemphasized. Facebook account, churns limitless benefits and opportunities to users, as they engage on the platform.

Facebook Account Benefits

  • Once you create an FB account you get connected to millions of users globally.
  • You can share, sell as well as buy on the Facebook platform which is the facebook marketplace.
  • Your personal profile, business, and brand, get global recognition and worldwide coverage.
  • You get connected to your friends and family and stay updated on what’s happening in their lives in real time.
  • You get to discover long lost friends and contacts.
  • You get notifications on recent happenings and live events on the go.
  • You can share ideas, and get the same on the Facebook platform to run your everyday activities.

The benefits that accrue with FB account, cannot be exhausted in one article. This is because Facebook regularly comes up with new features and benefits, to get you daily hooked on the platform.

How to Set Up  Facebook Account | Create Facebook Account

Facebook Account Set Up Guide

  • You must be at least 13 years of age, to open a Facebook account
  • Facebook account is offered free
  • Only one Facebook account can be created per email address
  • You can use nicknames, as long as they are a variation of your name.

If you interested in joining the Facebook community, by having a Facebook account, let’s show you how;

  • Tap open the Facebook homepage
  • Next, key in your information, which includes, your first name, last name, email address, password, birthday and gender.
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” button. Once you key in your correct information, you will be sent a verification email to the address you supplied.
  • Thereafter, tap open the verification email, and tap the link, to have your account activated.

Phase 2

  • Once you’ve gone thru the above-mentioned steps, you are to add a profile picture, to enable others to know who you are.
  • Next, you are to add friends, by searching for people by their name or email, import your contact lists, and invite friends who are currently not on Facebook.
  • The last thing to do in this phase is to take some time to set up your privacy settings to better manage your Facebook page.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Join the train today, and stay in on what’s happening.

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