DIY: How To Fix or Reset Your Drifting PS5 Controller – Guide

How To Fix Your Drifting PS5 Controller – The dual sense controller seems to suffer the same drifting phenomenon as the dual shock 4. Owners of the PS5 consoles have noticed an unfortunate deficiency with the dual sense controller, just like the dual shock 4 that shipped the PS4. The PS5 controller appears to suffer from drifting.

How To Fix Your Drifting PS5 Controller

Here Are Few Things You Can Try If Your Dual Sense Is Drifting – How To Fix

Daulsense drifting occurs when the PS5 registers movement on-screen, without having to touch the controller, for example, your character moves in Fortnite, even though you are not actually the Dual sense.

  • Adjust the input on your Dualsense

The input threshold which is also known as the deadzone, is basically the area in which the thumb stick doesn’t indicate any action. If you experience only light drift, you may be able to eliminate it entirely. If you are experiencing a slight drift to the right, on the right thumb stick, increase the deadzone size/ input threshold on that stick.  This fix only work for certain games, though.

  • Clean your Dual Sense

If you have thought of cleaning your controller, you really should start doing so. When you game, your hands get sweaty, this leaves residue that get in the grooves, under the shoulder triggers, face buttons, and anywhere there is recess. Unfortunately this can cause Dualsense drifts. So you need to clean your PS5.

  • The nuclear option:  Return your Dualsense to Sony

If you still have a warranty for your dual sense controller and you still have your proof of purchase you should be able to return it to Sony and get a free replacement.

If you have any problems you can always call the play station support for inquiries. It is also worth knowing that you may need to wait a while before your calls make it to the front queue.

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