Dating In Facebook App Download Free For Singles | Facebook Dating App Download Free | Activate Facebook Dating

Dating In Facebook App Download Free For Singles – Dating in Facebook app has never been better and now singles can find a partner free on the Facebook app with no stress. A dating feature has been released in the Facebook app that allows users create dating profiles and find whatever kind of relationship they’d want.

No more of going around friends, Friends of friends, or people’s profile on Facebook, and taking shots at them. With the Facebook dating feature, you can shoot your shots in the right way and get responses that match your energy.

Dating In Facebook App Download Free For Singles | Facebook Dating App Download Free

How Does Dating In Facebook App Works?

There were a lot of strategic ways to find people to date on Facebook prior to the launch of Facebook dating, these processes were strenuous. For instance; looking for singles to date below 30. For this, you will need to join Facebook single groups i.e Singles Below 30 U.S.

You’d have to look for groups by using some specific search keywords and then ask to join the group. If your request is accepted, then you have to start taking part in the group activities while searching for the right partner. All this just to find a date, as fun as it sounds, its time wasting and stressful.

Facebook dating only requires you to set up a secret profile properly and boom, it start suggesting matches to you.

Facebook Dating App For Singles

Facebook dating stepped into the dating world recently but trust me, its got a lot of experience in matching people. Since no one is meant to be informed by Facebook about your dating profile, Facebook won’t match you with your Facebook friends or mutual friends unless you add them to your secret crush list.

The secret crush list allows you to add people from Facebook or Instagram whom you have a crush on. If the feeling is mutual and a person on your list also has you on their list, Facebook dating will proceed to match you two.

Dating on Facebook app is free for singles as long as you are 18 or above. The Facebook dating app can be found in the menu at the top right corner on the Facebook newsfeed page.

Facebook Dating App Download Not Available For Singles

On the menu, there is a tab tagged “Dating”. Don’t see it, tap on “See More” instead to pop out more options. The dating tab might not be present due to some reasons.

Make sure your age on Facebook is not smaller than 18, update your Facebook app or troubleshoot your device. The most common cause of this is Facebook dating is not yet available in your region. Facebook dating has not been launched in your area yet, guess you just have to wait.

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