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Crunchyroll is an American publisher and licensing company that offers video streaming service all around the world. The Crunchyroll was founded 14th may, 2006 and has its headquarters at San Francisco, California, and US. Crunchyroll offers the largest streaming service in the world. It brings you collections of video clips weekly from the best titles.

Crunchyroll App

Crunchyroll app is an application that offers you lots of different animated series directly from your Android device. Among the animated series you can enjoy with Crunchyroll are; Gargantia, Gintama, Blue Exorcist, Shugo Chara, Sword art online, etc. Crunchyroll app is an excellent app for fans to be updated about their favorite animated series.

crunchyroll gift card

Features Of Crunchyroll Gift Card

Crunchyroll gift card is a digital gift card that can be used to purchase various animated series and episodes of exciting ongoing shows online.

With Crunchyroll gift card, you can get access to every episodes of your favourite ongoing shows. Crunchyroll gift cards are available for purchase at local Game stop store, Best buy, and VRV, and can be redeemed instantly after purchase.

Crunchyroll gift cards are non-refundable, it can only be refunded from the store they were purchased from and only if they have not been redeemed on VRV.

What is VRV? – VRV is a new video experience that offers the best of animations, games, comedy, and fantasy. Crunchyroll is available as a channel on VRV in addition to its current standalone service.

Crunchyroll accepts purchases via credit cards like Master card, American Express, Discover, iTunes, PayPal, and Visa cards.

When purchasing a Crunchyroll gift card, a digital code will be sent to whatever email address you entered in the recipient field. You can also put your own email address to have the code emailed to you then you can gift it to your friend.

In other to receive a gift card you must send payment and it must be approved before the gift card will be sent to you.

Get started with Crunchyroll gift card and enjoy its exciting features by linking your Crunchyroll account to your VRV account, as a VRV premium member you can enjoy all the benefits of a Crunchyroll premium account.

Crunchyroll Gift Subscription

To purchase a Crunchyroll gift subscription online, the purchaser must provide a valid information, and a valid payment method, other payment info when purchasing the Crunchyroll gift subscription.

Crunchyroll gift card subscription is non-refundable if the recipient fails to redeem the Crunchyroll gift subscription. The Crunchyroll subscription does not allow more than one recipient for transfer of a Crunchyroll gift.

Crunchyroll Gift Redemption | Redeem Your Gift Card

Redeeming Crunchyroll gift card subscription is easier and convenient. Recipients can redeem their Crunchyroll gift card subscription by visiting Crunchyroll gift redemption page on the Crunchyroll website. In redeeming a Crunchyroll gift card subscription, you will be required to enter the activation code sent to you via your email address.

Once you’ve redeemed your Crunchyroll gift subscription the code is void and should not be transferred or assigned to anyone else.

Note: all Crunchyroll gift cards are purchased in the U.S. and can not be used in other countries if you do not have a U.S. account.

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