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Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension with the aim of helping customers save money while shopping online. According to our research, we found most helpful was the ability for users to search for and test coupon codes automatically, as well as it cash-back functionality.

Capital One Shopping App Review

But after this, it was seen that other shopping apps sometimes found a better coupon code or had a higher cashback rate.

Overall what to like about Capital one shopping app is that it is an all-in-one tool that more often than not saves customers money and time. If you don’t like to spend several minutes looking for that perfect coupon code, Capital One Shopping is a must-have browser extension.

What is Capital One Shopping?

Amazon is one of the top shopping online destinations for most people. It is one of the stores people first look at and increasingly. It is the only place we look at all. Amazon has such a strong reputation for offering low prices that we’ve come to take that as given.

But it is not really the case that Amazon shopping store has the best deal on all their items. Several thousands of online retailers of all shapes and sizes, . Meanwhile coupons and promo codes can be a great way to save money, but they are sometimes frustrating.

Finding a legit coupon code is quite difficult and sometime some people prefer to shop without using coupons. Searching coupons can make someone waste their time sifting through mounds of web spams before coming across one that actually works. Capital One browser extension is a free extension that aims to solve this issue.

Pros And Cons of Capital One Online Shopping


Capital One Shopping app is free to download and is available in the official app stores.

The Capital One Platforms are easy to use.

Capital One extension works directly for the web browser.


Capital One Online shopping platform doesn’t guarantee highest cash back rate or best coupon code.

The Capital One browser extension only works with google chrome.

It has limited cash out options.

You can visit Capital One official site to download the mobile app

Capital One Shopping: Money Saving Features

Capital Online store offers more than one way to help save money. Below we will take a deep dive to more of the Capital one features discussed above, as well as other ways the tool can help you save.

  1. Price Comparison tool: Price Comparison plugin tool works on Amazon, Target, Home Depot and best buy. When browsing on Amazon for example, capital one shopping works in the background checking prices at hundreds of other retailers and sellers. This plugin adds a widget directly to Amazon page that tells you whether  there is a lower price in its large database of retailers. These saving opportunities are shown directly on the Amazon page via capital one shopping widget.
  2. Automated Price Protection: This tool select retailers offer price protection policies, meaning that customers are entitled to a refund if its price of an item purchased goes down within a designated period of time, usually around 14 days. Capital one shopping cannot only monitor your purchases for price drop, but in many cases it can automatically request for a refund from the retailer.
  3. Automated Coupon Codes: When you are shopping on a participating retailer website, Capital one shopping will test out various coupon codes. There are several participating sites including AT&T, Dell and much more.
  4. Universal Product Search Engine: Capital One shopping product search engine is essentially the same feature as the Amazon price comparison widget, except that you do not need to be on amazon to use it. You can easily open up the browser extension and enter the items you are shopping for. The product search engine has all sort of useful information including: offers from other sellers including tax and shipping charges, A chart of showing prices history from the past 30 day up to the past 365 days, 30 day insights including current savings, the top product alternatives, YouTube reviews, professional reviews and related products.
  5. Capital One Shopping Credits: This can be redeemed for gift cards, which are awarded as a percentage of your spending at  partnered retailers. When on site of a partner, the extension button will show the percentage of credits you can earn. You can activate this offer by clicking the button in the page.
  6. Price Drop Notifications: This tool as the name implies shows Capital one drop notification feature as it lets you know when an item goes down in price. When paired with the service’s historical price charts(which allows you to view an item price data over 30 days to one year period) This has potential to be valuable tool that helps you to avoid overpaying.

Capital iOS and Android App

The service’s mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store for your iPhone or the Google Play Store for your Android device. The mobile app is not the same as the browser extension, and you should view it more as a companion product.

It allows you to search for items or scan barcodes when you’re out shopping, and it will show you different prices from popular retailers. You then have the option to order the item at the better price directly through the app.

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