Flipkart app Download Flipkart Online Shopping App Free | Diversity In Delivery Options, Payment and Subscription To Flipkart

Flipkart app – Flipkart is known to be among the biggest E-commerce business in India. It was created in October 2007 by Binny Nansal and Sanchin. They ultimately came up with a Flipkart android app that has made it easier to shop with them at any time, from anywhere.

flipkart app

Basically, Flipkart online shopping app is known to be among the greatest online shopping apps for shopping that can be used to purchase whatever you want, having great service provision, that gets products to your doorstep in quick time.

What Does Flipkart Online shopping App Offer?

After downloading the Flipkart app on your device, it becomes very easy to reach out to a wide range of products offered within the app. Some of the collections you can find within the app includes

  • Fashion wears for kids
  • Adult male and female
  • Shoes(male and female)
  • Bags(various sizes and colors)
  • Fashion accessories
  • watches(Luxury)
  • mobile phones/Tablets
  • Electronics
  • Beauty products etc.

Features Of Flipkart App

Flipkart is well endowed with so many features which have been duly used to its advantage. It is possible to use these features to maximum effect, and get products brought to your doorstep quickly. The features include

  • Effective Search Engine

With this feature, it is easy to type in the description or the name of a product wanted by the consumer on the search bar located at the top of the app page.

Unlike just every other search bars on other apps, the Flipkart app has the ability to match all your searches in detail, giving you a perfect match whenever you search for your products. Brands names could also be inputted, and results further seen.

From your searches, various products could be selected, stating your sizes and colors in places where those options are made available. The search feature is also terrific in the fact that search could be filtered according to the following ;

  • price
  • brand
  • style
  • color
  • patterns etc.
  • Customer Ratings And Reviews

With this option /feature, it is possible to see ratings other customers who have previously bought a product posted. Reviews include short writings about how the performance of a product went and could go a long way in making you know if to purchase a product or not.

  • Diversity In Delivery Options And Payment

Flipkart app ensures that you can choose from a wide range of payments schemes for ease. Some of the payment schemes available includes

  • Various forms of credit cards
  • Various types of debit cards
  • Cash on delivery
  • Netbanking

During delivery of these products, your order can be tracked down easily by using the vertical dots option on the top right corner of the app.

Options for returns are made readily available to customers on the app, should it be the case that the product brought doesn’t suite the likes of the customer, probably a change in color or size.

  • Subscription To Flipkart

this option enables customers to be able to get products UPDATES and learn about new stock even without looking on to the app. New arrivals, Reductions in prices are all made known to a subscriber.

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