Best wireless chargers for Apple iPhones: How to charge up your Apple iPhone without wires

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Best wireless chargers for Apple iPhones – Wireless chargers can aid in saving space in your home or work area, instead of hunting down lighting cords for your iPhone chargers you can easily place your phone on a charging pas and let it charge wirelessly.

There different outstanding wireless chargers available, offering different features, like, landscape and portrait charging and many more.

Here are the best wireless to consider for your Apple iPhone:

Apple MagSafe charger

The massage charger makes charging your device extremely easy. This device feature magnetic attachments snap to your phone to guarantee that there is no guess work

Best wireless chargers for Apple iPhones

Key features

  • Magnetic alignment
  • Airpods friendly
  • 2m USB C cable

Yootech wireless charger

Yootech wireless charger is budget friendly for iOS phones. You charge your phone in landscape or portrait mode, you can continue to text your friend and relatives, or watch your favorite movie while charging.

Key features

  • Charges in landscapes and portrait
  • Sleep friendly LED indicator
  • Temperature control and surge protection

Nanami wireless charging stand

The Nanami wireless charging stand features a plain design for an affordable price. You can charge any Qi-enable device in portrait or landscape

Key features

  • Charging horizontally or vertically
  • 10w and 7.5 fast charging
  • LED indicator lights

Courant catch 3

The courant catches 3 is a beautiful pleasing wireless charger that features an accessory tray. So you can charge one device at a time, the tray makes it easy to keep everything in one place.

Key features

  • Non slip construction
  • Three coil charging station
  • Spacious accessory tray.

Mophie 3 in 1 wireless charging pad

The morphie 3 in 1 wireless charging pad is an exceptionally wireless charger, making it simple to charge all your Apple device accessories at a time.

Key features

  • Charge up to three devices at a goal
  • Devoted Airpods charging spot
  • 7.5w fast charging for iPhones.

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