Best Period Tracking Apps For Your iPhone

Period Tracking Apps For Your iPhone – It’s literally one of the most annoying/ embarrassing moments in a lady’s life to get caught up in the ‘unexpected visit” from the period god’s moment.

Just kidding there isn’t any period god’s around but the visit sure can be unexpected most times especially having little or no time at all for yourself to keep track of all the dates and the state your body might be passing through.

Best Period Tracking Apps For Your iPhone

 Luckily there’s a way out. There are different suggested Apps available on the App Store that helps you plan and prepare for your menstrual cycle.

This would really be helpful, getting an iPhone period Tracking app eases the tension and gives answers to what if my menstrual cycle starts today, dear Lord what possibly caused that pain below my abdomen, etc.

It so allows you to get to know about your body, helps in managing your entire ovulation cycle.

 Tracking Apps for your iPhone

1. Cycles: this app deals basically with getting to know the patterns followed in your monthly period. It uses pastel colors to send its messages across regarding your monthly cycle which tends to give it a beautiful and attractive look. Your privacy matters a lot too.

It’s got a password option and also you could choose to use your face as a for identification. Cycle tends to go smoothly when your genuinely single though it features nice pattern settings.

You could actually share your cycle with your partner just in case you guys want to work towards making babies or probably you’ve got a partner full of surprises that might plan a  vacation for just the both of you With no interruptions.

2. Apple Health: if you wouldn’t want to download another calendar app using your iPhone storage, you could use Apple Health which has some amazing features that would help in monitoring your menstruation. Just click on the Cycle Tracking under the app loads of health categories them you could begin using this App.

Note: you’ll be asked some introductory questions on how your normal cycle works and more.

3. Life: the life app tends to have an eye-catchy layout, its easy navigation menu, and fantastic features. The developer of this app really personalized and customized it knowing quite well that every woman has different period symptoms.

You could actually choose your cycle length, it’s got mind-blowing premium options too i.e the fertility and temperature tracker, pregnancy tracker, birth control reminder, and late-period reminders.

4. Menstral Period Tracker:

This tracking app gives a way to monitor your flows across your Apple devices i.e your apple TV, your Apple watch. It has a pretty amazing home screen widget that shows your period cycle for easy viewing without opening the App.

5. Period Plus And Period Tracker: this tracker is actually one of a kind. It not only serves as a period tracker but also a stylish means of entertainment. It’s got a fun game which involved a small bunny at the bottom of your iPhone screen who catches different kinds of period product falling from the sky i.e tampons.

It’s classic and a tracker. It tracks options such as B-GYN appointment reminder, cramps intensity, and also your intake of alcohol. Understanding your menstrual cycle can be fun with the Period Plus And Period Tracker.

6. Period Tracker: It formes an easy-to-read calendar that leaves you stress-free and makes learning easy. It’s got its own unique feature which involves mindfulness meditation music to help you relax and ease the tension.  

With your iPhone, keeping track of your menstrual cycle is quite easy and helps in making your body less complicated. It helps you plan and avoid certain things.

This amazing feature gives a heads-up of the current state of your body, tells you it’s time to feel off for a period of days, have an emotional imbalance, go through cramps, and a lot more.            

Hopefully, once you get one of these apps on your iPhone, it will save you the drama and stress so do well to get anyone of your choice.

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