Here Is How To Convert Mp4 To Mp3

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How To Convert Mp4 To Mp3 – MP has played a major role in enabling online streaming in the modern era. What if you just an audio file for a soundbite for your phone or you are trying to turn a music video into a song, there are lots of reasons why you might want to convert Mp4 to Mp3.

Here Is How To Convert Mp4 To Mp3

Below are some options for you to extract the sound right out of that video and convert Mp4 to Mp3:


 The video player is famous for handling almost every type of media file that you can throw at it. You may not be aware, but VLC comes with built-in features that can also convert media files and play them, all you have to do is open the VLC app and click Media > Convert/Save.

To convert more than one file at a time, select all the Mp4 video files, now click on Convert/Save at the bottom of the window. The conversion should begin automatically.

Any Video Converter

Is one of the most comprehensive tools for video conversion. You can download the free version of the software from its website, and it will handle most of the video formats available online.

Once you install the software, open and click on Add Video(s) and select the MP4 you want to convert, then in the drop-down menu next to Convert, select the musical note symbol at the bottom of the panel, and then MP3 Audio. Click Convert Now to successfully covert your file

Premium Conversion Software

Premium options can provide you with more options for converting Mp4 to Mp3, it may come with other features you might deem useful.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The adobe premiere pro is primarily used to edit video, but it can also export video into pure audio, the premiere pro is included in adobe’s creative cloud, to use the premiere pro simply open a blank project in the premiere pro and drag your video file onto the time.

Go to File > Export > Media, From the Format drop-down menu, select MP3, and under the Preset drop-down menu. Then select the quality level that best suits you.  Click Export to start the process.

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