Apple’s AirPods Price Drop Down to $120 on Amazon – Save $40 Extra Now

This is an advantage for to quickly grab your own Apple’s AirPods now on Amazon.  This could be one the best deals of this season as Amazon is now selling Apple’s classic AirPods for just $120 and this comes without a wired charging case.

Though it was cheaper than this during their Black Friday deals but very rare especially after January.

Apple's AirPods Price Drop Down to $120 on Amazon

In case you don’t know and you are still contemplating if you should buy or not, I want to remind you Apple actually updated their classic Airpods last year enhancing their wireless strength with the same good-lasting battery.

Let some of it great features after the last update.

Feature of this Classic Airpods

  • They connect more quickly
  • Allows you switch between multiple apple devices like iPad and MacBook.
  • The always-on feature also helps talking to Siri easier and the voice assistant better.
  • Powerful sound quality and five hours of music listening.
  • Charger case provide 4-5 hours full charge.

This particular deal excludes the wireless charging case but can still get a fast charge with a cable. Remember this deal is coming with a $40 discount. Take advantage of it and thank me later as you might not see this deal anytime soon.

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