Something You Must Know About Before Shopping is a great platform with awesome customer service and very comfortable prices on their items. But with the market and service history in Portugal of their services being mediocre because of companies like MRW and SEUR. There is an almost certainty that this Amazon extension might not be the “revenue bringer” compared to other extensions.

SEUR is of the poor service of not giving a time frame to deliver a package, so customers might have to wait a full day to any number of days as they deem fit before packages are delivered. Same complaints do go for MRW, all with one or two exceptions. Together, they tend to drag backward when it comes to sales and delivery. Browse Nodes

Amazon uses a chain of nodes to organize all items for sale. Every node stands for a collection of items for sale, i.e. an entire category of Harry Potter books is represented by one node, not the single books themselves.

The nodes are called browse nodes since every customer has to browse a particular node in order to view the collection of items in it so to make a choice of interests. Each browse node can be a branch or parent node with the branch nodes having no other branch but the parent node will establish different branches for items.

Some of the browse nodes are:

  • Automotor: 1951052031
  • Bebé: 1703496031
  • Bolsos y Complementos: 2142049031
  • Cocina: 599392031
  • DVD: 599380031
  • eBooks Kindle: 827231031
  • Electrónica: 667050031
  • Juegos video: 599383031
  • Juguetes: 599386031
  • Libros: 599365031
  • Libros extranjeros: 599368031
  • Música: 599374031
  • MP3: 1748201031
  • Relojes: 599389031
  • Software: 599377031
  • Zapatos : 1571263031

The Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES)

Amazon Elasticsearch is a Web Service product that incorporates the world of developers into the work frame. It allows developers to launch and operate an open-source, Java-based search and analytics engine in the Amazon Web Service cloud. With the elasticsearch service, developers can monitor cloud-based applications in real time and access log and clickstream analytics (collecting, analyzing, and reporting aggregate data about visited WebPages).

If developers should use this service, they can scale, update and manage their Elasticsearch domains. Their clients will specify the computer, storage space instances, instance types and Elastic Block Store volumes needed for each domain. Developers, in turn, will add or remove clusters in order to accommodate data growth, or set upscale or downscale service for defined thresholds.

Amazon ES brings in a lot of security options, availability, durability, and direct access to the Elasticsearch API and data management tools. There’s also a guide on that describes how to get started with Get your own copy now as it does explain key concepts while providing step-by-step instructions on how to use the several features it offers.

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