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Amazon customer service is made up of a team, of dedicated staff,  that is put up to help prevent, solve problems, and delight Amazon customers as they use Amazon products and services.

Amazon customer care team, supports customers in 16 languages, from more than 130 locations from around the world.

According to, its mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. This mission, however, is woven into its customer care team, as everyone who works for Amazon customer service, is trained to prevent, and solve problems for customers.

Amazon customer support offers expert advice and solutions in the following areas.

Amazon customer service

Amazon Customer Service Help Offer | Amazon Customer Care 

  • Designing, and Developing self-service technologies
  • Building and Managing products and Programs
  • Direct interactions with customers on any Amazon related subject
  • Building world-class customer relationship management systems and innovative self-service solutions.

These innovative system solutions, that are built up by Amazon customer support team, are being used by millions of customers globally every day on websites, shopping apps, as well as via Amazon’s family of devices like Kindle and Amazon Echo.

Amazon Customer Support Contact Information

Want to contact Amazon Customer Support? Use the following outlined information to make the contact;

Amazon Customer Care Call Hours:

Amazon customer care center can be contacted 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number | Amazon Contact Number 

To gain access to Amazon customer service agent visit the Amazon contact us page. This is adjudged to be Amazon’s best Toll-Free number.

Amazon Customer Service Call-Back Option

You have access to Call-Back if your first call didn’t yield the required result.

Your call to Amazon customer support team also gets picked up by a real person. Who is always handy to resolve any issue you may have regarding Amazon products and services

Amazon Customer Service Dial Time

The best time to call Amazon customer service for an optimum result is by 8:30 am. This is because that is when you have lesser traffic and more people to respond to you.

Amazon Customer Service Alternate Methods customer service can also be contacted via the following methods; by phone, email, chat, web, Facebook, and Twitter.

Amazon customer service is open for all customers from Monday through Sunday, from 8:a.m. to 12 a.m. Eastern time.

For Email support, Amazon customer service, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. customer service, daily innovates it’s services, to foster a more rewarding customer experience, by enabling Amazon to improve, deliver, and confirm it’s resolve of being world-class customer service.

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