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Adidas Sneakers -. It’s not so much the deepness of their’ past history that is so scary to jump into, after all. Adolf and his brother Rudolf has since been manufacturing footwear for over 20years before their famous split in 1948.

Adidas Sneakers

Obviously, from the start of Adidas’ career as a solely owned brand in the 60’s. It basically brought out dozens of innovations when it came to footwears, bringing about all round types of shoe products which also included the groundbreaking SNEAKERS trend that is still in contention today.

Even after being the best sneaker brand for ages, they still weren’t afraid to add some twists and turns to their tales, which brought about a handful of successes and some forms of failures.

The term sneakers came in handy when they were used to describe shoes in which the wearers could walk so quietly without making sounds because of the materials used in creating the shoes.

Like any other athletic themed footwear, the Adidas Sneakers are made out of rubber or synthetic materials having a rather flexible bottom, with the overall body covered by canvas.

Types Of Adidas Sneakers Available

There are many sneakers produced over the years by the Adidas brands, and my hands will fail me to write on everything in details. Below is the described version of some available sneakers.


Before D-Rose introduced its frontman model, he made the SUPERNATURAL CREATOR popular for having a matching blue color for the games played by the all-stars. It had a designer zip that went across the shoelaces together with a strap created for the ankles to keep things straight.


These sneakers were first brought to light in 1965 and was immediately chosen by basketballers to be used because of its sleekness in design that enabled flexibility and aided movement.


The energy boost came to light in 2013, although it has always been existing, but in different forms beforehand. It is what has been believed to be the most efficient form of Adidas sneakers as it uses various innovations to make it the best when it comes to running.


This sneaker produced by Adidas was the official sneaker for the ABA team in the 70’s. This goes to show that even as far as then, they already had big clubs and teamed locked up in using their sneaker products already.

This particular sneaker was always known for its classic red and white with a blue ball.

Other types of Adidas Sneakers includes

  • Top ten
  • Gazelle
  • Stan smith
  • Superstar
  • Oregon
  • Forum sneakers
  • Campus sneakers
  • Zx-8000 sneakers
  • Pro model sneakers
  • Attitude sneakers
  • Zx-500 sneakers
  • Lendi competition 11 sneakers
  • Kb 8 sneakers
  • Conductor sneakers
  • Grand slam sneakers
  • Archill sneakers
  • Munchen sneakers
  • Samba sneakers
  • Country sneake

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