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The Adidas Gazelle is a shoe that began as a trend in the sporting world that has been used by a vast majority of celebrities in the sporting world including the famous Micheal Jackson. And if you get surprised about how something that never went out of extinction is now trending like it just came in,  the answer is complex.

adidas gazzel

Before you can understand this, the history needs to be visited, but trying to explain the history of Adidas is never easy.

Brief History Of Adidas Gazelle

Adidas is a brand that started off from Adi and Dasslers crave for excellence, and the drive to frequently update styles. But it should be noted that there is no single gazelle brand that can be called the main or first version/progeny. The brand created a way fir the existence of the Gazelle trend, by making use of other similar designs over the years.

The room created in the 60’s, was a shoe made of leather and had a round like sole with a perfectly laid suede material on top. That shoe was then used during that period for the Olympics. For the Germans, there were other shoes known as the Olympiad that was synonymous with their team of athletes. Its striking performances made it greatly admired by everyone. Then in 1966, the design for the Olympiad was replicated to create the Gazelle we all know today. At the time, suede materials were of great admiration and were used in making the first two models of the Gazelle.

Adidas Gazelle was designed as a shoe with a perfectly placed toe overlay and had white lines over different shades of suedes. And that was how it was followed even up till this day. The shade of the shoes usually connotes how they work. The  Blue ones were created for persons that want to train, having a kangaroo top, padded ankle, curved supports, foot-form tongue, and specially gripped bottom. The red ones were made for persons that played handball,  and the sole of this one was properly threaded, to avoid slipping during the game. The red one stated above was what was used as a model to design the Gazelle sold as Vintage in 2006.

In Conclusion  – Adidas Gazelle

It was thought that Adidas Gazelle was created to be a shoe for football and training. It has further been created and remodeled using various colors and shapes for many decades now. Adidas Gazelle went ahead from being a shoe meant for training,  it evolved into becoming a streetwear. The design and flawless beauty contained in the Gazelle shoe has self-marketed itself all through the years, and have made it become a strong competition to all other brands.

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