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Adidas Shoes

Adidas Shoes – The Adidas brand made its way into the world from the bowels of two siblings. They hailed from Bavaria, Germany. When one of the two brothers (Adolf Dassler) became 20. He created his very first set of shoes, and before 1920. He and his brother Ruduolf had created their own small brand named ‘DASSLER SHOES’, and had already set aims of becoming they best athletic shoe company in the market.

The set of shoes produced by these boys, were done in the laundry room of their mother. And despite being a small dream without any major financial backing. Their company started to grow. Soon afterward, the boys started growing apart, and there were problems arising among them, which only got worse when the 2nd world war struck.

More How Adidas Shoes Came About

In the period of the war, DASSLER branded company was subjected to creating weapons to withstand the effect of tanks and was almost completely destroyed by opposition fighters. It was noted that there came a time where it was on the verge of getting destroyed, and Adi’s wife bravely begged and told them that the place wasn’t erected as a mechanism for war, but for shoemaking activities only. And that was how the company was saved from destruction. After this situation, their popularity slightly increased, and shoes were bought from them by the soldiers.

However, as predicted because of the recent rifts they were having, they finally went their different ways in 1947. Ruldoph created Puma shoes, and Adolf rebranded Dassler into Adidas while making use of his nick and few letters from the former brand’s name.  After they parted ways, they went up to becoming fierce rivals to each other, even up till this day.

Regardless the strong competition given to Adidas by puma and other top quality brands, Addidas has managed to remain on top in terms of athletic wears in the world today. It is easily known and recognized by its logo which contains 3 stripes.

This iconic logo has become part of the brand. Originally the three stripes were designed to give support and comfort to the feet. But along the line, the design was so loved that it became a brand logo and was imprinted on other Adidas products including the likes of golf, basketball and cricket items.

With Adidas Shoes company extending its horizons nicely, it had caught up with Puma in the golf market and have bought over brands such as;

  • TaylorMade
  • Naxfi

Which specializes in the manufacture of golf materials. This has made them to be able to compete in the same market with Nike.

Adidas Shoes types include the following lists:

  • Adidas superstar
  • Adidas trainers
  • Adidas sneakers
  • Addidas gazelle
  • Addidas originals

These shoes aforementioned have lots of products under them and are of standard quality, known to be used by athletes and artists of all caliber and walk of life.

Their quality is second to none, and their brand has done enough to win over the hearts of customers in such a way that they no longer need advertisements to persuade them about the quality of the Adidas products.

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