Zoom Sub: How Much Does It Cost To Use Zoom?

The popular video conferencing app is mainly used for virtual work meetings, classes, and social events. Zoom has numerous great features such as screen sharing, chats, breakout rooms for small, group collaboration, and of course video conferencing.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Zoom?

Is Zoom Free To Use?

The basic version of the video conferencing app is free but it does come with restrictions. The free version of the conferencing of zoom allows you to host up to 100 users at once and aid group meetings for up to 40 minutes at a time.

If you are using the video conference app to catch up with long-distance relatives or friends, work on group project with schoolmates, you wouldn’t have a problem using the free version. However, the paid version of zoom is geared towards business use.

How Much Does Zoom Cost?

If the basic zoom plans does not meet your needs, you have several paid plans to select from.

Zoom Pro Plan Price

The video conferencing pro plan price cost $149 per year per license. It’s mainly for small team collaborations. However, you are still limited to hosting 100 participants but you can hold groups meeting for over 30hours. The pro plan offers social media streaming and 1GB of cloud recording.

Zoom Business Plan

If your business needs more license, then this is the perfect zoom plan for you. The zoom business plan cost $199 per year license, it is specifically design for small and medium businesses. It offers all of the benefits of the pro plan along with some extras

Zoom Enterprise Plan Price

This zoom plan is mainly for large businesses, the enterprise plans cost $240  per year license. The enterprise plan users can host up to 500 participants at a goal in meetings. The plan also offers unlimited cloud storage and a dedicated customer success manager for you and your team. A minimum of 50 license is required to become an enterprise customer.

If you plan to use the video conferencing app for one on one meetings or short check-ins, then the free basic plan is meant for you. If you plan to frequently utilize the app for all team meetings then upgrading to a premium plan is a good idea.

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