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Zara online shop is a Spanish branded company that deals on clothes and accessories in Arteixo, Galicia. The company was created by both Ortega Amanicio and Rosalia Mera in the year 1975. is known to deal widely on males, females and children wears. They supply their clothes and accessories based on trends going on at a particular time. Their supply chains are always on hand to ship and transfer clothes or new fashion products to their shops twice every week.

Zara online shop

Zara online shop Process Of Production / Distribution

It takes them just a week to work on a new product and make it appear in stores. This has been clearly shown in their ability to provide more than 12000 new products design each year.

When most companies hoard off to Asia to complete their production cycle. Zara online shop has been known to strictly rely on Spain and other proximity countries like Portugal and Morrocco for manufacturing the brand products.

If peradventure a brand product doesn’t attract an encouraging amount of sales and attention. They are quickly removed from the stores, and orders made on them are quickly removed and a new design is worked on within their team of fashion experts. This shows that Zara online shop Company are on top of their game when monitoring the likes and dislikes of their customers.

Zara online shop Advertisements and Marketing Strategy |

You must have heard a lot of persons say Zara Brand Company has succeeded without marketing. This is slightly not true, as no company can survive without marketing. It should first of all be noted that there is a difference between advertisements and marketing, as they are not on the same level. Advertisements is just one of the numerous ways to market a brand. The strategies adopted by Zara brand in marketing include the following.


Despite being known for doing any form of formal adverts, it should be noted that Zara online shop gets promoted through endorsement given by huge celebrities, and are outstanding when it comes to word-from-mouth advertising. Zara customers are always persuaded to tell friends about their products and whether you like it or not, this is a form of marketing.


Zara online shop is doing great in ensuring that they create products for a targeted set of customers, and make sure to create these products in limited quantities. This is done to promote the sense of urgency that if you don’t buy what you love today, you may not get to see it again another time.


With a great team of experts, they are able to get hold off different fashion styles from various concerts, catwalks etc. And get them into their shops over a short period because of their great production team.

With over 2100 stores owned by the Zara online shop brand across a large span of countries, they always select the best located and attractive shops, to open their flagship stones.  This has helped in taking their brand a step ahead of their fashion brand.

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