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YouTube Gamer – An individual who is in the businesses of gaming on YouTube. And of course, this is for money-making.

How to Become a Successful YouTube Gamer

Among the options, below are 5 steps to take in becoming a successful YouTube gamer;

1. Theme – Before you film your first YouTube video, you will have to know what your channel would focus on. All content produced on your channel should follow your established theme from the first day.

Examples; you might decide to stick with a horror theme, or you might advance more towards titles in the first-person shooter genre. Again, you should have a name for your channel, something memorable that reflects the theme.

2. Make your content type flexible –  While your channels common theme should link all of your content, that doesn’t mean all of your content has to be the same.

 In fact, you should find a means to weave your channel’s theme through different types of content. Example; You might specialize in doing “let’s plays”, but you could also add a review component to your channel.

Similarly, you can definitely add a challenged based series of videos to compliment your status quo walk-throughs or let’s plays.

YouTube Gamer

3. Use High-Quality Recording and Editing Equipment – If your videos are not high definition with good sound quality and proper editing, even loyal subscribers would not spend long periods of time watching them.

4. Post your videos regularly –  Whether it’s once in a week or once in a day, establish a posting schedule and stick to it diligently. Your loyal YouTube subscribers will be waiting for your next post date. So don’t keep them waiting too long.

5. Promote your YouTube videos on social networks –  If your YouTube video is only available on YouTube, you are limiting the chances that will find and view your video. Post on Twitter, Facebook, and other high profile social media sites.

5 Successful YouTube Gamers Worldwide

Gaming videos are so much popular on YouTube. And some stars can make millions of dollars off of it. We have the compilation of 5 gamers among the top gaming YouTube stars, who play games from “Minecraft” to “Call of Duty,” based on how many subscribers they have;

1. Markiplier has 19.5 million YouTube subscribers. His 2017 income was $12.5 million.

2. Jacksepticeye has 18 million-plus YouTube subscribers. 27-year-old Seán William McLoughlin, from Ireland, is “the most regular energetic video gamer on youtube,” according to his own YouTube channel biography. He became famous after other popular YouTuber PewDiePie mentioned him in one of his videos.

3. Vegetta777 is with 21 million subscribers. Samuel de Luque Batuecas, from Spain, “loves unicorns” and “lives with a killer goblin,” if you believe his YouTube biography.

He is known for Minecraft videos, but has also played through more violent games like Grand Theft Auto, Rainbow Six, and Resident Evil.

4. ElRubiusOMG,  27.4 million subscribers. Rubén Doblas Gundersen is a Spanish gamer known for various gaming genres. From horror to indie, but also is more “personal” (as he phrases it in his YouTube bio) in some vlogs in which he reveals a lot about himself.

5. FernanflooControls 26.4 million YouTube subscribers. Luis Fernando Flores, from El Salvador, is known for his usually wacky YouTube videos.

 In addition to his popular YouTube channel, he also has an Apple gaming app, also called Fernanfloo.

There is of course a lot more, but these are just the few that came to mind at the moment.

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