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Xbox gift card is a digital gift card that gives easy access to the latest game downloads, apps, movies, Tv shows, devices, map packs, add-ons, and many more. Xbox gift card is the simplest means to get new games, app, and entertainments from Microsoft store.

About Learn Xbox Gift Card | Xbox Digital Gift Card 

  • Xbox gift cards has no expiry dates.
  • When you buy an Xbox Card ensure that the currency you use is the same as that on the recipients billing account.
  • Xbox gift cards cannot be used to buy contents from the Xbox 360 marketplace.
  • It has no fee required.
  • If you redeem Xbox card in a country that doesn’t fit the country on your billing account. You will be unable to use the funds available.
  • When you redeem Xbox card, the funds in your Microsoft account cannot be transferred.Xbox Gift Card

Are Xbox gift card and Microsoft Gift Card the Same?

Xbox gift cards works together with a Microsoft gift card that is why before redeeming Xbox gift card, you will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account. For easy access to Xbox gift cards, it is advisable, first of all, l create a Microsoft account either with your email address or your mobile number. After creating a Microsoft account, you can easily sign in using your Facebook account. Both Xbox gift cards and Microsoft gift cards add funds to the same Microsoft account.

Where can I Buy Xbox Gift Card?

Xbox gift card can be purchased from Microsoft store online or from other retail outlets listed on the Xbox website, which includes;

When you buy an Xbox gift card, you get a digital code by email the code is a 25 character digit that can be printed and forwarded to recipients via email. The recipient receives a code to redeem the gift card either on Xbox one console or a pc.

How To Redeem Xbox Gift Cards

The easiest way to redeem an Xbox gift card is to;

  • Visit
  • Log in to your Microsoft account.
  • Click on redeem code.
  • Input the 25 character code sent to your email.

Once you redeem Xbox card to your Microsoft account, you can use it to buy games, map packs, movies, Tv shows, music, apps, and lots more from Microsoft store merchants.

Does Xbox Gift Card Accept Tax Charges?

No, Xbox gift card does not and will not accept a sales tax charge when purchasing a gift card.

Where can I use Xbox Gift Card?

You can use the Xbox gift card in places like;

  • Microsoft store online
  • On Windows
  • On Xbox

Note: Xbox gift cards cannot be used at any physical Microsoft stores.

With an Xbox card, you are free to select a gift you want to send to your friend this season.

How to send Xbox gift cards?

If you wish to send a digital content gift to your friends and family this wonderful season, follow the guide below;

  • Go to the Microsoft gift card portal.
  • Select your desired gift card design.
  • Choose the gift card amount ranging from $10 –$100.
  • Enter the recipients name and address.
  • Add a personalise message
  • Select the gift card delivery date.

The recipient receives a code to redeem the gift card either on Xbox one console or a pc.

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