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www.wapdam.com is the URL or web address to one of the biggest sites. Wapdam offers all kinds of media, files, games, themes. This website was developed for old devices.

If you had quite an interesting childhood filled with button-operated mobile devices you should be very familiar with Wapdam’s website. You could download almost any kind of music, video, game, file for data rates that were very low and at very good quality.

Wapdam offers quite a large amount of free downloadable media and e-files. A content sharing portal where you could get almost anything including applications.

Wapdam was rather popular and cool because of the fact that it worked on almost any device. Its data consumption rate was very reasonable maybe because it was developed to work with rather small kinds of mobile devices.


What Happened To Wapdam Website

If you’ve recently tried visiting the website, you either get redirected to “Waptrick” or get a code error. Either way, the website is inaccessible.

There are stories that the website got hacked and was being used by hackers to get personal information from people.

These days when you talk of websites that offer free games, music, files, videos or applications, people tend to forget or ignore the likes of Wapdam. Wapdam knew it loosed it Fame and decided to merge with Waptrick. Also, they’ve got websites alternatives.

But even with these alternative websites, it is quite hard to download or get the same amount of files Wapdam had at good quality. For instance, downloading a video or a song on any of those sites does not necessarily assure you of good quality.

Wapdam Website Alternatives.

 Waptrick, the site you can get similar games, files, videos or apps that Wapdam had, they also possess similar web features. Waptrick URL is www.waptrick.com or www.waptrick.one. The site also provides all the same goodies Wapdam use to. At the same rate although the site might not be as filled as Wapdam in its glory days.

Waptrick also has ads issues, and the quality of their files is questionable. Yes, it’s data consumption rate is low but there are times when you just prefer quality over quantity.

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