Check out New Womens, Mens, and Teen fashion Online on is a South African owned, but British based company that deals mainly with the sales of household fashion wears and beauty products. Fashion wears sold on their website platforms are available in huge enticing collections for both men, women and teenagers.

In, fashion products available are targeted to reach mainly, their younger population amongst their ever-increasing customer base.

Products on

Products in these websites are fairly and accurately distinguished from each other. Thus not leading to any form of interference when looking for a particular category of products. For example, a 22-year-old fashion lover could enter links created for girls.

And these links are represented with alluring pictures and short descriptions about the product category. When inside the link for girls, she wouldn’t sight any product belonging to the male folks, prompting the customer to be fast while sorting for the desired product/products.

The website’s products are updated on a regular basis, and for customers to keep up with these updates, they could try to use the NEWSLETTER service located close to the bottom of the main page. Within the empty box, email address of the customer could be filled in, and he/she is expected to input his/her personal email address, to receive updates concerning products on the websites directly to them.


The free delivery is triggered by a clause. Free delivery denotes that products which are ordered online and are correctly paid for using the correct means, are delivered to your location without any extra costs.

It works just fine, but as stated above, comes with a clause. The free delivery is only activated when customers spend more than/an equivalent amounting to £65 when shopping online. Once this target is met, any product coming to your direction within the US, comes with no extra charge whatsoever. Return And Refunds

On returning of already purchased products. doesn’t hope to ever give out sub-standard products that will end up being sent back by the customer. But in case a situation leads to that happening, returns can be made with ease. Provided that they are brought back in great conditions while still properly packaged. Reasons that could prompt returns could include; changes in size, color changes and so much more.

Refunds are made after goods have been returned in perfect conditions. It is possible that you are refunded your cash with the same method in which you paid.

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