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WWW.Bloomingdales.com, is an outlet store that offers you, the brands you love. Ranging from designer clothing’s, Beddings, Towels, Luggage, Kitchen, Décor etc. WWW.bloomingdales.com, keeps you coming back for more on the brands you love.

Bloomingdales Shop is an American department store chain, founded by Joseph B. and Lyman G. Bloomingdale, in 1861.

Headquartered in New York City, United States, Bloomingdales.com, has a total of 16 outlet stores and full-line stores. Bloomingdales Shop, has Macy’s, as it’s parent company. It is a full-line, upscale department store, that has a reputation for quality, creativity, and uniqueness.

Bloomingdales outlet stands at the forefront of retailing worldwide. Most of Bloomingdales items are vendor closeouts or overruns. With the “Compare at” price, based on the price of the item, as originally offered in Bloomingdales or other comparable stores.


Also, most of the items sold on Bloomingdales.com, are tailor-made for Bloomingdales outlet, with the “Compare at” prices for those items, based on prices for comparable items offered in Bloomingdales stores.

www.bloomingdales.com Product Offerings

Bloomingdales Store offers the following products for sale;

  • Clothing: Bloomingdales.com, sells men and women clothing of all sizes. Most of the clothing’s, are specifically crafted for Bloomingdales, while some are from vendor closeouts or overruns.
  • Footwear: Providing customers with quality footwear, has always been the target of Bloomingdales Outlet.
  • Leather Goods: Bloomingdale outlet stores offer quality leather goods like belts, etc. to its esteemed customers.
  • Bedding: Get good beddings, that meets your taste and standard at www.bloomingdales.com
  • Furniture: On sale are quality furniture’s, to transform the way your home looks.
  • Jewelry: Priceless, extraordinary jewelry, is what Bloomingdale outlet offers
  • Beauty Products: Beauty products of all ranges, for all skin types are on sale
  • Housewares: Housewares, that meets your needs and taste, can be purchased at www.bloomingdales.com.

www.bloomingdales.com oozes class, creativity, balance, affordability, and at the same time enables you to shop at the convenience of your home without stress.

www.bloomingdales.com, defines your class, uniqueness, creativity, and style.

www.bloomingdales Customer Service

Customers who desire to know more about www.bloomingdales.com can contact Bloomingdale’s customer service, to ask questions, and get answers to their relative questions about www.bloomingdales.com, product and service offering.

Call: 1.800.777.0000, available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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