Wish.com and is it Safe to Buy from?: Is wish a scam or Legit

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Let’s See if Wish.com is Legit…

You have probably come across wish.com on Facebook and other advertisement sites, including memes mocking the   “expectation vs reality” of wish purchases.

From jewelry to fashion, hygiene products, and furniture. The wish was founded in 2010. Using Facebook logins, users could sign into wish and upload any products they found cool or exciting.

Wish.com and is it Safe to Buy from

When products uploaded received a pre-determined number of favorites, the users who uploaded them received awards in the form of PayPal rebates or Amazon gift cards for purchasing the products.

As the site quickly evolve, it started selling products directly. Rewards abruptly switched to limited coupons on the site itself, until the reward system faded out completely.

The company has since eliminated its plug-in and disabled the ability to post products from third-party sites, instead, it now has its own inventory. In the last decade, wish boomed into a big e-commerce industry. They are known for their specific targeted ads and affordable prices of products on their site.

Is wish a scam?

When you see an outstanding wedding dresses or a great technology advertised for a tenth of the price, you should be suspicious. The e-commerce website can be a hit or miss.

Some of it items are unrecognized upon arrival, items can come much later than expected, or in a much more quality than suggested.

However, there are lots of people willing to sacrifice quality for quantity, in other words quality for a decent price. Millions of people all around the world use wish to purchase products every day. The e-commerce to make purchases every day.

 Asking if wish is a scam is a bit complicated, it depends on your definition of scams. If you place an order on wish, the e-commerce will send something that is generally close enough to what you ordered for.

Some products are more reliable than others. There have been many cases where wish delivers quality. The website is not a site that regularly delivers quality.

People find out that the products on the website are low enough to make it worth the risk. You should probably steer clear of wish’s $100 washer machines or $50 “apple accessories”.

Why is Wish so Cheap?

Wish directs all orders directly to manufacturers, the e-commerce website operate in a drop shipping method, cut out the middle man and sends customers product directly from sellers. Instead of having physical location or even a processing warehouse.

It is also worth knowing that, the e-commerce site usually post products from another cheaper site or factory at a slightly higher cost than they pay for the item. 

When you place an order using wish, the site automatically places the order on its suppliers using your information and wish payment information.  And products are sent to you as if you bought them directly on their site.

Should I Shop at Wish?

Wish is a great place to buy from or find trendy accessories, but you should be prepared to choose quantity over quality. Whether you want to shop from an e-commerce website is a personal choice.

You can rest easily knowing the site is not a total scam, on second thought you should not put too much trust into it.

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