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Followers On Instagram – Instagram is a photo sharing platform with millions of users and it is even more fun when you have as many followers as possible keeping your account active. So, on Instagram following counts, you get your likes and comments from your followers, so what’s the fun of sharing videos or photos when there’s no one to like it?

On Instagram the increase in followers is often celebrated because it means a wider audience for you and a bigger market for you if you are business owners. So, being on the platform is no just enough, boosting your followers as well makes it more interesting to be on the platform.

So many users go through lots of processes to boost their accounts, from following others, engaging in groups on the platform, using brand influencers, using hashtags, tagging locations and others. It is almost as if users are in constant competition to know who has more followers on the platform.

Followers On Instagram

So the first thing someone checks out about your Instagram account is how many followers you have and it is often embarrassing when it is a very low number. You can say checking out followers from time to time is dumb but it is not only about prestige, as a blogger or business owner you need followers and more followers for your business or page to grow. So users are constantly in search of ways to hike their followers and increase likes and engagement on their account.

There are popular personalities on the platform some are celebrities in real life and find it rather easy to gain followers on the platform. It’s almost as if they too are in competition between themselves to know who has more followers on the platform. From year to year, the people with the highest followers keep changing but it doesn’t have to be only celebrities, but most times it is. Individuals with the highest followers could just be people with compelling feeds, loyal fans or just trending or controversial issues on their page.


A statistics of individuals with the most followers on Instagram is done from time to time and it is ranked from the person with the highest followers. So you see, there really is a competition of who has more followers on instagram. Here is a list with users with the highest followers that we have compiled for you to see:


She has the highest followers of Instagram, she has up to 142 million followers on her Instagram page. She’s a musician, and has also played roles in Disney world movies, so her fan page is quite enormous on Instagram. If you wish to know trending fashions or get a peek into her private life you can do so by just following her on her instagram page.


A very popular footballer from Portugal who has held the title for best player of the year for some years now and keeps drawing attentions to his lifestyle through his instagram page. You can see a quick switch from shirtless man to a man on suit, very captivating football tricks videos, amazing locations, beautiful home and even more that makes followers feel closer to this celebrity. He has up to 141 million followers on instagram, wow! Isn’t that awesome for one person?


She’s a popular figure with over 128 million followers; she’s a pop artist and vocalist. You can get in touch with what happens in her private life through her instagrm posts, her fashion styles, music life and others. Just know it is fun just watching her videos on the platform and viewing her ever enticing photos on her page.


BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER, a very popular musician, producer, songwriter and actress. She has been in the entertainment industry for a long time; no wonder her instagram page has up to 117 million followers.  Her marriage to a popular pop artist even makes users want to know more of what happens in her life, and the news about her twins toppled her followers.


Kimberly Noel kardasian, she has up to 117 million followers, she’s a TV personality, entrepreneur and socialite. Talk about popular personalities on instagram then you are definitely going to have to mention Kim. There’s no dull moment on Kim Kardasin’s page, she’s always giving fashion tips, make up tips or sharing throwback photos of the kardasian family or videos about awesome events taking place in her life.


Dwayne is a popular actor who has starred in blockbuster Hollywood movies and he has up to 115 million followers on Instagram. He shares his professional and person life with his fans on his Instagram page.


Kylie Jenner is a popular TV personality from Keeping Up With The Kardasians and she has upto 114 million followers on her Instagram. Her followers toppled when she shared pictures of her cute baby with a popular American pop artiste, Travis Scott. But if you want to know what’s trending in the fashion world or view eye pooping pictures, watch videos in exotic locations then you should visit her profile.


Taylor swift is an American singer and songwriter who became the youngest artist to win Grammy award album of the year. She has up to 111 million followers on her Instagram page.She may not post too often or everything about her private life but she has a very strong fan page that keeps her posts active anytime she posts.


A popular footballer who started at an early age, he is from Brazil and he has upto 103 millipon followers on Instagrm. So you can keep in touch with both his personal and professional life on his Instagram page.


He has up to 102 million followers on Instagram, he is a popular American musician and has won the Grammy Award and American music Award. He keeps his fans up to date about his personal and music life on his Instagram page.

On Instagram following counts as there’s always a list of people with highest followers from time to time.  So,there you have it the top most followed people on Instgram 2018/2019.

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