Whatsapp Messenger Room: How To Create Messenger Room on Whatsapp

Facebook introduced the Messenger rooms last year to compete against the likes of other video calling apps such as Zoom and Google meet. This new feature lets you create a video messenger room with over 50 participants and enjoy free video calls. 

You don’t need a Facebook account to access the messenger room. You can access this new feature on WhatsApp, the social media rolled out an upgrade that supports the messenger room.

How To Create Messenger Room on Whatsapp

WhatsApp users can now create the messenger rooms right within the app using the shortcut that has been available for android mobile users. If you can’t find this feature on your mobile device, means your app is outdated and you need to update it.

Whatsapp Messenger Room: Here Is How To Create Messenger Rooms Using Whatsapp:

Once you update your WhatsApp and Facebook messenger apps, you will automatically get the shortcut in the calls tab. WhatsApp lets you access the feature and share a messenger room link to your contacts.

Follow the steps below to create a messenger room using WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Calls tab
  • tap on the video call button icon at the bottom
  • Select the ‘Create a Room’ option.
  • Next, you will be prompted to create a Messenger Room and the link will be created.
  • Share the link with your contact by choosing the send link option.

After sharing the link, tap on it and join the chat room. You can also lock the chat room with the lock room feature.

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