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Western Union Money – Western Union can be an easy method to transfer and receive cash. It is often used to pay rent or their bills or to pay for certain purchases without using checkbooks or debit cards directly.

How to Track Your Western Union Money Transfer?

To keep track of money you have sent via Western Union money, you can go to their tracking website, or use other convenient methods via their numerous customer service options.

Western Union Money

Method One: How to Track Your Western Union Money Transfers Online

  • Open up your browsers and go to the Western Union website to locate the tracking web page which is https://www.westernunion.com/es/en/track-transfer.html.
  • Choose if you are the receiver or sender of the transfer. You’ll be asked if you are receiving money or if you sent money. Click on the bubble next to the correct answer for you.
  • Next, fill in the sender’s phone number or tracking number or MTCN. Note that if you are expecting a transfer and you were picking up cash in person, the sender should have given you the MTCN when they made the transfer.
  • If you are the sender of the money, you should have received the MTCN when you made the transfer. Or, you can enter your phone number instead.
  • If you don’t have either the sender’s phone number or MTCN, click the link with a blue color just at the bottom of the page that says “Don’t know the MTCN or sender’s number?”
  • If you are the sender, select the location of the person to whom you sent the money. If you are the receiver, select the country where you are currently residing.
  • Next, fill out the amount money you transferred and select the type of currency it was sent in from the dropdown menu.
  • Fill out the security code. Close to the bottom of the screen, you will spot a 6-character code made of numbers and letter. Click on the blue “Track Transfer” box at the bottom of the screen when you are done answering all five questions on the page.
  • If you carried out the transfer on the Western Union money transfer page and created a profile, you can click on the “Log In” button in the top right corner of the webpage. On the login page, fill out your login credentials to log into your account.Having a profile will enable you to see your transfer history for the past 3 months.

Method Two: How to Track Your Western Union Money Transfer Using Other Methods

  • If you are in the U.S and you prefer talking to a customer representative over the phone, you place a call to 1-800-CALL-CASH. You will need some info about the transfer, like the sender’s phone number or MTCN number, when you call.
  • From your smart device, go their customer service pageat https://corporate.westernunion.com/consumer-services.html. Navigate to the box that says “Download Our App” underneath WU App and click the box to set up an account through the Western Union Money app.
  • Go to a Western Union location near you to track a transfer in person. To locate a Western Union location close to you, visit their customer service page. Move to the box that says “Find Your Nearest Agent” and click on it.

    You will be prompted to fill out your postal and country code on the location finder, info about the money transferred that you want to keep track of. Things like MTCN or the sender’s phone number, when you go to the Western Union Money location will come in handy.

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