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Wapdam Mp3 Video – Wapdam was a heavy storehouse website where you can get all kinds of media, games, applications, themes and wallpapers or e-files. It has a variety of stuff that could be downloaded for free, you can literally get all kinds of music and videos from here in a different format and for free.

Well if you take a look at the first line above, you will notice I used “was”, Wapdam was once a downloading powerhouse, now its glory days are gone due to security issues, viruses, and competition from other websites.

Wapdam Mp3 Video - Waptrick Videos Download Films | Videos | Download

There were reports that hackers use the Wapdam website as an avenue to infiltrate users to get private and personal information from them, so most browsers do not load the page anytime it is searched instead they redirect you to Waptrick or return you to the previous page. Wapdam merged with Waptrick to move forward so as to continue their download offers, this means Wapdam becoming Waptrick and vice versa.

How to Download Wapdam Mp3 Video MP3 videos – Wapdam/Waptrick

  • Go to www.waptrick.com.
  • To download music click on the Music category, a new page with subcategories will appear, choose from the options under which the song you wish to download falls.
  • When you find the song, click on it and choose the quality or format you want the song to be downloaded in.
  • Choose “Standard Download” on the next page and when a new page comes up with a kind of video black page, click on the download icon to download the song or on the play button to stream the song online.
  • To download Wapdam Mp3 Video, after typing the web address, just below “Music”, click on “Videos”.
  • There are sub-categories under videos, select Music videos which are also categorised.
  • Find the particular video you want and click on it and follow the same steps to downloading songs.

What makes Wapdam/Waptrick a very interesting site to visit is its user easy interface and the low data consumption rate for browsing and downloading from the website.

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