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Walmart Order Tracking – From the very first time you place your order on Walmart, it takes 2—3days for your order to be available for pickup.

Walmart does not ship orders on Saturday and Sundays but your orders can be delivered to you by weekends if it’s available.

Placing and receiving an order on Walmart can be quiet simple, it goes through two phases namely;

  • Processing – this is a time when Walmart verifies your order information and prepares your orders for shipping and delivery.
  • Shipping – you can also choose your shipping method in the checkout process. Changing of shipping details can only be done when the order has not been moved for delivery.
Walmart Order Tracking  |  Track Your Order  Walmart Checks | Order Status

For many people, Walmart and Amazon are practically similar to each other because they perform the function of online shopping. Although they are similar in nature, there’s still a bit difference between the two parties.

Recently, Walmart is at the top of the e-commerce sector because of it’s simple user experience and safe delivery of orders without any hazzles.

Another interesting thing about Walmart is that it facilitates it’s customers with online purchases and mobile apps, this helps Walmart customers to Dave time on shopping trips.

And because order delivery is the major concern of most Walmart users, Walmart has made it possible for users to track their Walmart orders online anytime and anywhere, either as a Walmart guest or Walmart account owner.

Brief Explanation Of Walmart Track Order

If you placed an order on, and it hasn’t been delivered to you, to ease the stress of being worried you can keep track of your orders and see the delivery status by entering your Walmart order number.

Track Your Walmart Orders

Walmart Order Tracking can be done only if you have a Walmart account and if you’ve purchased an item on the Walmart platform. Follow the steps below to easily track your Walmart orders;

  • Visit
  • Sign in to your Walmart account.
  • Click Account at the top of your Walmart page.
  • From the drop-down list that appears on your screen, select track orders.

Note; each of your Walmart orders has a piece of order information and status on the right side of the order.

Sometimes you might not see your order tracking information but it doesn’t cause for an alarm. If there’s no tracking information for your Walmart orders, you have to note the following;

  • Tracking of Walmart orders cannot be done on orders that have a processing status( still on the process for shipping).
  • When an order is shipped, it takes 48hrs for Walmart to update the tracking information of an order.
  • Lastly, not all Walmart orders have a tracking status from the shipping center.

Through your Walmart account, you can view your Walmart order delivery date and tracking status. I guess w left you clear with nay thing that has to do with Walmart Order Tracking. You can leave your comment below we are ever ready to help. Nice time

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