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Walmart customer service is an arm of Walmart Inc, set up to help Walmart customers resolve their concerns and issues they may have regarding Walmart products and services.

Walmart acknowledges, that it’s customers, are the sole reason, why they are in business. Thus, they’ve put up channels, with which customers can reach them with whatever concerns they may have regarding Walmart products and services.

Walmart customer support, acts as a go-between, for Walmart customers and Walmart Inc. It listens to customers concerns, and proffer possible solutions. Which may help customers put their concerns to rest. It comes in handy for customers who may have challenges bothering in some areas of Walmart products and services.

Customers can contact Walmart customer service team, to provide a comment, or ask a question about their local Walmart store or Walmart corporate headquarters.

Walmart Inc. Stands as one of the biggest American multinational retail corporation, which operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. It carries a range of products in the following categories; Electronics & Office, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Home improvement & Patio, Toys & Video Games, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Art, Craft, Sewing & Party Supplies, Movies, Music &Books, Food, Household & Pets, Auto, Tires & Industrial, Home Furniture & Appliances, Baby & Toddler, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty, Photo & Personalized Shop, Grocery.

The Walmart customer service supports team, is available for customers from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm central/ 5:00 am to 9: am Pacific.

walmart customer service

Walmart Customer Service Numbers | Walmart Service Center 

Walmart customer support, has numbers, on a variety of topics, which customers, may need or information on. They are;

Customer Service

To get connected with a Walmart customer service agent, Call at 1-800-WALMART (952-6278)

Walmart Credit Services

To get information, and resolve issues regarding Walmart credit services, call at 1-877-294-7880

Walmart Community/Business Card

For information on Walmart Community/Business card call; 1-877-294-1086

Walmart Gift Card

For inquiry on Walmart Gift card call at 1-888-537-5503

Walmart Prescription

To gain access to Walmart pharmacy services, call at, 1-800-2-REFILL ( 1-800-273-3455 ).

Walmart Customer Service Investor Relations Number

For Investor Relations issues, contact Walmart at 1-479-273-6463

Walmart Customer Service Email Addresses

Contact Walmart customer service on services Walmart

Walmart customer support is geared towards its customer satisfaction. They have expert personnel’s on ground to help customers resolve whatever concern or emergency that may crop up.

Try Walmart customer service, services today, and get answers to that question.

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