Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Application – Login – Activation

The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank, this card simply gives you rewards for shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

This credit card can be used to purchase online at Victoria’s Secret website and at any PINK store or Victoria’s Secret store.

The card can also be accepted at Bath & Body Works, which is another chain store that is owned by the L Brands, you won’t get any rewards at these stores.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Benefits of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

You enjoy the following exclusive benefits with your card:

  • As a card users you can save up to $25 when you open and use their Victoria’s Secret credit card online.
  • You get exclusive rewards any time you shop with your Victoria’s Secret card.
  • You get free shipping on every $50+ purchase with your card.
  • There’s a special gift on your birthday, you get a birthday gift from Victoria’s Secret Credit Card.
  • You get to enjoy exclusive invites and offers, early access to sales as well as other Cardholder-Only perks.

Types of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Benefit

First Tier Benefits

You earn the following when you are using your card for the first time:

  • You get triple points on all bra purchases.
  • You receive free shipping for purchases above $50.
  • a triple-point day of your choice.
  • You get special birthday treats each year your card is active and you also get a reward worth $10 to use on future purchases.

Second Tier Benefits

You earn the following when you are using your card for the second time:

  • You 250 points on your Angel card in a rolling 12-month period.
  • As an Angel VIP card holder, you can rack up points at the same level and rate as an Angel card member.
  • You get annual birthday treats and reward of $10.
  • You get to enjoy halfway-to-birthday treat of $10
  • Also get a 15% discount on the anniversary of your sign up.

Third Tier Benefits

You earn the following when you are using your card for the third time:

  • You receive $15 birthday and half-birthday treats
  • Enjoy 20% anniversary discount
  • To enjoy this third-tier benefit, you need to earn 500 points on your Angel card or Angel VIP credit card within a rolling 12-month period.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Application

Let us show you how to apply:

  • Open up your browser and head to
  • Click “Apply Now”.
  • Move down to the personal info section and type in your: First name, middle initial, last name, suffix, SSN, date of birth, and annual income.
  • Fill out your contact info: billing zip code, street address, apartment or suite (optional), state, city, email address, confirm the email address, mobile phone, alternate phone.
  • Next, add a buyer to your account.
  • Type in your referral code (optional).
  • Tap “Continue” to continue with your application.

You’ll be further shown what to do to complete your application.

How to Log into Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

To access your credit card account online:

  • Open up your browser and head up to
  • Fill out your username and password
  • Want to stay signed in? Click “Remember Me”.
  • Finally, to access your account click “Sign In”.

How to Activate Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

In order to activate your Victoria’s Secret credit card, you have to sign up for online access. To register or sign up:

  • Open up your browser to
  • Click “Register for Access”.
  • Fill out the required fields.
  • Fill out your account number.
  • Fill out the last 4 digits of your Zipcode and SSN.
  • Click “Find my account”.
  • Navigate to the “Activate card button” and click on it, and review the guide to successfully activate your card.

How to recover your lost Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Username or Password

  • Open up your browser and head to reset link.
  • Fill out your username or account number, Zip Code / Postal Code, Identification Type, Last 4 Numbers of your SSN
  • Finally, click “Find My Account”.

How to Pay Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

You can pay your card bills via:

  • The card’s secure website.
  • Your credit card via your bank.
  • Sending a mail.
  • Calling the card phone number, and providing the agent with your routing or checking number.

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