Easily Unblock Facebook Friend on Andriod, iPhone, and Desktop – Simple Steps

Once you unblock Facebook friend, you grant the person access to view your content on Facebook, that is being shared with your Facebook audience.
To unblock Facebook friend that you’ve previously blocked on Facebook, does not mean they will automatically become your friend again on Facebook.

They can only see your posts, which you share with other Facebook audience. To make them your friends on Facebook again, a friend request must be sent to the person to include them again on your Facebook friend’s list.

When you unblock Facebook friend, you can also see what they post. Because, once you block a friend on Facebook, it has a two-way restriction effect, which implies, that even you, can’t view posts, made by the person on their timeline, and you can’t also send him/her a friend request unless you unblock that friend.

Unblock Facebook Friend

Unblocking a Facebook friend is easy, and can be done in a minute if you locate the right option with which to use.
In this article, we will take you thru steps, to unblock a Facebook friend on different platforms.

Here let’s get started;

Unblock Facebook Friend on Facebook Desktop Site

To unblock a Facebook friend on the Desktop site,
• Tap the “Unblock” link, close to the name, to enable the friend see your profile again
• Thereafter, tap “Confirm” on the dialog that pops up afterward to unblock the friend.

Unblock Facebook Friend on Facebook Mobile Site

• In the “Blocked users” section, choose the “Unblock” tab close to the friend’s name and tap on it, to unlock the Facebook friend

Unblock Facebook Friend on the iOS App

• Scroll to the “Blocked users” section, and choose the “Unblock” tab next to the friends name to unblock the Facebook friend.

Unblock Facebook Friend on Facebook Using an Android Smartphone

• Switch on your Android device
• Click on the Menu tab, to navigate to the apps list
• Look for, and click on the Facebook icon.
• Supply your correct credentials, in the appropriate fields as prompted to sign in to your Facebook account
• After the News Feed page pops up, click on the “More” tab from the top-right corner of the interface
• On the “More” window, beneath the HELP & SETTINGS section, click on the “Account Settings” option.
• As the settings page pops up, click the “Blocking” category from the displayed list
• On the “Block users” window, click the “Unblock” tab that represents the friend you wish to unblock
• From the next window, that pops up, click the “Unblock” tab to unblock the Facebook friend.

There, the processes for unblocking Facebook friends on all the platforms is relatively easy. All you need do is to try it out and stay close to the Facebook friends, that matters to you.

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