Trump To Make A Return To Social Media On His Network

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The former US President Donald Trump is planning on making an entrance to the social media realm, but it won’t be any major stream outlet. Instead, the former president is making an appearance on his own social network and it is set to launch soon.

After getting expelled from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and twitch, one would think that the former US president would want to establish a presence on the free speech platform, like Parler or Gab. But that’s just not the case, as Donald Trump is creating an entirely new social network.

Trump To Make A Return To Social Media On His Network

Jason Miller, Trump’s senior advisor states in an interview with Fox News, that the former president will return to social Media “with his own platform” in about “two or three months.”

“This is something I think will be the hottest ticket in social media. It is going to completely redefine the game,” Miller said. “And everyone will be waiting and watching to  see what exactly president trump does, but it will be his own platform”

The former US president senior advisor also predicted that it will attract “tens of millions” of people. He didn’t give details about how exactly Trump’s platform will run, or what will it be called.

Trump was restricted from various social networks for allegedly igniting violence during the capitol riots. We can likely expect Trump’s platform to have an unstable filter when it comes to a certain kind of content that would typically be restricted on Twitter and Facebook.

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