Top 3 Apps To Help You Learn About Your Personality

Apps To Help You Learn About Your Personality – There’s a lot you can learn about yourself by extrapolating what your personality is. If you feel stuck in your career or relationship or in life generally. Learning about yourself can open your eyes to a lot of unexpected things about your personality.

It can be difficult to weed through all the personality apps out there that aren’t very reasonable. So we have made things easy by doing that for you, here some three  great personality apps test available for both iOS and Android mobile devices:

  • The personality Types

The personality types app serves as a great beginning for someone who has never taken the personality test before. You can learn all about the letter pairs in the test, like E(extrovert) versus I(introvert) and many more. The personality types app gives you a thorough description of what differs between each letter pair and what that means to you. You can also learn cognitive functions and 16 personality types too.

Once you complete the free test provided by the app to determine your personality, you will receive your four-letter personality type and be able to learn all about it. Once you know what your personality type is, feel free to search for your four-letter personality.

  • EnneaApp

EnneaApp will let you take a free test and tell you which three types you are. While the personality type app is more focused on the cognitive part of your psyche, enneagram is more focused on motivating your unconscious self. The free version of the app gives you a short description of each type, but if you want to gain more information through the app, you will have to pay a small amount of $2.99 for the full version.

  • Praditus personality test

The praditus personality test app is quite different than the other personality test. You won’t get a formal four-letter personality type, instead, after each test, you take within the app, you will obtain the app, you will receive a personality trait like sensitivity.

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