How To Freeze Your Credit and Protect Your Finances From Fraud

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It’s heartbreaking to find out that an internet fraudster decided to collect a loan on your behalf (even though you didn’t really ask for that kind of help) then you on the other hand get indebted and have to pay for something you know nothing about.

Detailed info about you can give fraudsters access into your Credit account (for the fact that they are really smart dudes). Here a way to be smarter and avoid falling victim to such heartbreak.

This article is going to be telling you how you could Freeze Your Credit (if you don’t really have plans of applying for a loan, mortgages, credit cards, and other credit-related products in the nearest future). Read on and find out how it’s done.

What it Means to Freeze Your Account

An account freeze is an act of preventing some transactions from occurring in an account. It could be down by either a bank or brokerage. A frozen account can still receive deposited money from the cardholder. Freezing an account doesn’t affect your scores, it just makes the company understand that you’re not getting a loan anytime soon. Freezing your Credit prevents anyone from checking your Credit through your details.

In a situation whereby you lose your card or it’s been stolen, you(as a cardholder) can “Freeze” your account without having to go through the long process of getting a cab and heading to the nearest Client service location or even contacting the customer care service.  Mobile and on-demand banking services are increasingly popular with customers interested in self-service and enhanced cybersecurity features.

How To Freeze Your Credit

For you to Freeze your Credit in the US, there are three separate credit agencies that require a password from each which you’ll need to contact. They are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Contacting all three of them protects any means through which scammers can take which automatically means your identity is safe from identity fraud.

  •  TransUnion: check them out through the “TransUnion Credit Freeze website/ contact page to call them
  • Experian: to get across you’ll fill in the Experian Freeze Form or call them.
  • Equifax: Go to the Equifax Credit Freeze Website or call them.

Make sure you write down any password or codes each credit agency gives you because it will be needed for unfreezing your credit in the future.

Keep Your Finance Safe from Hackers

It’s preferably to Freeze your Credit knowing quiet well that you won’t be needing it anytime soon, just to be on a safer side. If you need it back all you’ll do is unfreeze it. Be save

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