Motorola Moto G30 Review: The Good, Bad, and X-Factor – Full Specification

Motorola Moto G30

Latest Motorola G30 Very Affordable Considering its New Moto G30 – Motorola released two affordable smartphones in Indian this year. Its basic trend is Android Smartphones that have no brand-specific customizations. These latest smartphones are quite affordable considering the fact that they are new. Some features on the Moto G30 include: It’s got highlights. A … Read more

Shocking: Google Might Manufacture its own folding phone

Google Might Manufacture its own folding phone

Foldable phones are not leaving the market soon, they are still niche products, with an unaffordable price tag. Although more and more companies are getting into the folding market. The price may likely drop, as competitions tend to push companies to drop prices. It is difficult to fathom what to expect from Google’s foldable phone, … Read more