Shocking: Google Might Manufacture its own folding phone

Foldable phones are not leaving the market soon, they are still niche products, with an unaffordable price tag. Although more and more companies are getting into the folding market. The price may likely drop, as competitions tend to push companies to drop prices.

Google Might Manufacture its own folding phone

It is difficult to fathom what to expect from Google’s foldable phone, although the report indicate that the multinational technology company has requested a 7.60-inch folding display from Samsung. 

Google is likely to choose a clamshell design like that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, or it could go more with the tablet design like the Galaxy Z fold 2. Unfortunately, Google has not started production, we could have to wait for a while before hearing about any leaks.

We probably won’t find out what design Google will use until the phone gets deeper in production. Google fordable mobile devices could be one of the affordable devices on the market, as the company tends to make it phones affordable compared to the competition.

The company may push it price down instead of the $2,000 to $3,000 prince point that we have seen on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 or the Huawei mate x2.

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