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Looking to earn better yields on cash savings without paying banking fees? – consider taking your savings to synchrony bank. Synchrony bank ranks as one of the top online banks because of its high yielding accounts, well reviewed mobile app and lack of bank monthly fees.

Synchrony bank is no new word I guess, the keyword has been one of the most trending words on the internet – most especially when it involves credit cards.

Synchrony Bank

This type bank of is best for individuals who;

  • Don’t want to change their primary checking account.
  • Want a high yielding deposit account.
  • Don’t need access to physical branches.
  • Interested in the benefits the bank has to offer.
  • Want to finance health care expenses.


  • Access to ATM in the plus and Accel network.
  • A mobile app with mobile check deposit.
  • Up to 10 external bank account links.
  • Competitive rates on certificates of deposit and savings accounts.
  • No monthly bank charges.
  • No additional fees.

A Brief Explanation of How It Works

This is a consumer financial service company, the company offers consumer financing products like; credit, promotional financing, loyalty programs, and FDIC insured consumer saving products. Synchrony is an online bank with relatively high rate is on savings and credits, but it doesn’t have checking products or branches.

The bank high yielding savings account comes without fees and with one of the biggest rates on the market, at 0.60% APR. No minimum balance is required to open an account or qualify for the interest rate.

Also, This bank doesn’t charge fees for using ATMs that accept its bank card, but ATM owners might charge a fee. For those charges, synchrony Bank offers a monthly refund of $5.

However, The bank’s services and accounts are only accessible through the bank’s online banking website and mobile banking apps. While this means you’re be able to view and manage your accounts at any time and from anywhere, it does mean that physical branches access is completely unavailable.

Even still, synchrony has created one of the b St online mobile banking experience on the market today.

Synchrony Bank Customer Service

The bank customer service agents are available from 8am—8pm EST Mondays to Fridays, and 8am—5pm EST on weekends. You can speak to a representative by phone call at 1-866-226-5638, there’s no option to chat with a customer service representative online.

In Conclusion

The bank is not a good option for those people who needs to write lots of checks or needs an account for daily expenses, why+- because the synchrony bank lacks a checking account.

Synchrony bank offers are less expensive than some other financial institutions, and the bank focuses primarily on savings.

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