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Soundcloud app enables you to record any sound with your device, which you can share within seconds through any social network. The sound you record can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Foursquare.

Soundcloud app also enables you access and listen to the recordings of other users, in which you can score these users, awarding points values to them, as well as comment on their recordings.

Soundcloud app, enables you to hear all your recorded music, by streaming directly. To stream this music directly, a good internet connection of over 3G or Wifi is needed, to enable you access. With this app, whether you have internet access or not, you can record a sound at any moment, and upload it to your account later on.

Using Soundcloud app, makes your recording experience very interesting and memorable, as it enables you to record reminders and other things. This app, store your collection, the tracks you’ve liked and discovered, as well as your favorite playlists. This helps you listen to again and again the songs you love.

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Soundcloud is designed with lots of unique features, which makes it a delight for users, and day and time. These features are

Amazing Soundcloud App Features

  • Enables you to connect with, and interact with friends, as well as with your favorite artists one on one
  • With Soundcloud app, you can create playlists for parties, workouts, on the way to work.
  • Offers over 120 million tracks, from upcoming and established artists
  • Offers suggested tracks, depending on your likes and listening habits
  • Users can discover incredible music in each genre, with Soundcloud charts, from all-time hits to the newest and hottest tracks.
  • Soundcloud app profile screen organizes the tracks, playlists, and likes of everyone on Soundcloud. All this stuff can be located at the right up front

With Soundcloud app, you can also have access to a family of other products. These products are;

  • Soundcloud Free
  • Soundcloud Go
  • Soundcloud Go+
  • Soundcloud Pulse

Soundcloud has been adjudged the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform, with 150 million tracks and still counting. It also has to its credit, a lively community of artists and musicians currently uploading new trending music.

Via the Soundcloud app, you locate the next big artist, with chart-topping albums, live sets, and mixes that goes for every occasion. Soundcloud app enables you to get more of what you want to hear and love, with or without internet access.

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