Snapchat Advises Apple’s Privacy Changes could hurt Ad Business

Snap which is the mother company of the disappearing messaging app Snapchat warns about Apple’s Update on their privacy policy as it’s seriously going to affect the ads business.

Snap also said that this upcoming update of Apples’ privacy policy has made many companies pause their campaigns earlier this year January 2021 after the fatal riot at the US capitol on January 6.

Snapchat Advises Apple's Privacy Changes could hurt Ad Business

 Apple replied saying that their upcoming update on the well know mobile operating is aimed at giving their users more control over their data usage. Some other social media also contributed including Facebook saying the changes will restrict advertisers from reaching customers with targeted Ads.

Facebook still airing their view said that the upcoming update aimed at more Profit and not better Privacy for reason that if apps turned more to in-app purchases the smartphone maker will be getting more money from fees.

In all Finally Snap still supports Apple’s upcoming changes

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