Secrete Revealed: How To Remove The Activate Windows 10 WaterMark

 How To Remove The Activate Windows 10 WaterMark – Noticing the activate windows watermark in the corner of your windows 10 desktop? While it’s a minor annoyance, this can sometimes appear even if your windows are properly activated, and it can get in the way of what you are working on.

It is also worth knowing that, this method may work for some time, then revert in the future. Because these are not long-term solutions but can be useful if you want to take a screenshot without the water or remove it for a Livestream.

The easiest way to get rid of the “activate Windows” watermark is by actually activating it, also bear in mind that this approach will only hide the watermark. They won’t activate windows 10 or enable access to the locked features.

Possible Workarounds to Remove the “Activate Windows” Watermark

Try the universal watermark Disabler

The universal watermark Disabler is a tool offered by winaero, is a quick solution for a windows 10 watermark remover. Simply download and open it, then choose install from the dialogue box. This will sign you out of your computer, ensure to save your work.

Edit registry values

The registry edit instruct you to find a key called paintDesktopversion and set it to 0. However, this value is usually already set to 0 (including on our test non-activated Windows 10 machine). Thus, it either won’t have any effect or will only work for a short time.

Disable Windows 10 Tips

Some people have indicated that heading to Settings > System > Notifications & actions and disabling both Show me the Windows welcome experience… and Get tips, tricks, and suggestions… will disable the Windows 10 watermark after a restart

Kill and Restart File Explorer

Another method to consider is running a batch that includes the command task kill /F /IM explorer.exe. All this does is restart File Explorer and the process that runs under it.

You should be careful with watermark removal methods, avoid downloading software that claims to be eligible for disabling watermarks or activating windows for you, they could include malware.

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