Samsung Health Mod APK (No Ads) Free Download

Samsung Health Mod APK – If you’ve got an android phone and you would love to know how fit your body is, Samsung Health Mod APK is the perfect fitness and health app that can be gotten for free. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? It is.

This article will broaden your knowledge of this app, tell you briefly about it and how it could actually be downloaded at easy by you on your Android phone. Read on and let’s find out about its amazing features too.

Samsung Health Mod APK

Samsung Health Mod APK

The Samsung Health Mod APK app was made available for Android devices first in mid-September 2015 then on 2 October 2017, it was made available for iPhone from IOS 9.0. Its name was changed on 4 April 2017 from S Health to Samsung Health when version 5.7.1 was released.

Samsung Health is the best app to have a healthy lifestyle and also a pretty great duet. It literarily keeps track of your daily activities and habits once installed. You’ll have a balanced lifestyle each day, physical habits such as running, biking, indoor games, hiking, outdoor sport and lots more will be recorded just in case you would like to know if there’s been in improvement or not. It’s more like being your own personal Coach.

 Yes, Samsung Health is perfect and efficient when it comes to fitness and wellness purposes of your daily activities in your body but this app doesn’t detect or diagnose diseases or other conditions nor does it cure/ get rid of, mitigate, treat or prevent disease.

Users information

The basic information that’s required to use the Samsung Health Mod APK are:

  • Your first name and surname or nickname.
  • Gender.
  • Height.
  • Weight.
  • Level of activity.

Features of Samsung Health Mod APK

Below are features of Samsung Health. However, some features like phone accessories (Fitbit, Galaxy, Galaxy Fit, etc) are tracked by testing while other features are tracked by user input (food/ calories, weight, water amount, etc).

     Main Features of Samsung Health are:

  • Monitors your sleep.
  • Servers as a Weight tracking device.
  • Dietary monitoring (calories and nutrients absorbed).
  • Activity tracking taking into account market and sports sessions.
  • It’s summaries the main features every week.
  • It’s a Pedometer.
  • Setting goals or using the goal suggested by the app to improve it’s results.

Other Features of Samsung Health are:

  • Global challenges.
  • Measurement of health rate via dedicated hardware.
  • Monitoring of water consumption (which is really good for your body and skin).
  • Monitoring of blood sugar.
  • Measurement of blood oxygen saturation by Pulse oximeter through dedicated hardware.
  • Stress monitoring/measurement.
  • Ratings of number of steps in different groups (all users, age group or friends).

With the Samsung Health app, your health data will be protected and maintenance of high level of Privacy on this data is top notch.

Samsung Health Mod APK Free Download

Don’t miss out on all of Samsung Health’s app amazingly awesome features. Download the mod Apk of this app and enjoy unlimited offers and unblocked features. We believe you’ll enjoy the modified version of this app so go for it.

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I hope this article was helpful? Do well to get this app downloaded and enjoy all it’s got to offer.

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