Lovelink Mod APK 1.5.13 Free Download

With Lovelink Mod APK 1.5.13 the latest version of Lovelink Mod APK downloaded on your Android device, locating your dream match with just a few swipes and clicks here and there would be possible.

Lovelink app was created by a company known as Ludia Inc. It’s a virtual reality roman e that allows it’s users to chat with other users depending on their preference. It’s loaded with mind-blowing fun and thrilling characters ( which you could browse through) and more.

Lovelink Mod APK 1.5.13

Being able to find love regardless of your location is amazing. The fascinating thing about Lovelink Mod APK 1.5.13 is that asides from finding love online, you’ll get to choose what you want and what you prefer in your choice of partner.

This app makes it super easy for you, linking users to their potential suitors. Dating appointments will be fixed too via this app and a true love story could be made.

This app has got over 60 various characters to be shipped through and each character has got their own different desires and backgrounds. The characters can be messaged once you get matched to met “Your Man” or “Your Woman” right in time.

 Chatting with your match in Lovelink Mod APK will actually determine if your relationship will blossom beautifully or wider, because like they say “Communication is the key”.

So when you guys get talking you get to know each other better and determine if “it’s love” or “ a fluke” or “ lust”. So it gives a better avenue to listen, discover, learn, etc. As time goes on, if you guys are really cool then an actual date where you’ll see physically ( one on one) can be planned for.

The Lovelink Mod APK 1.5.13 has got integrated virtual romance and role-playing, traits that vary. It’s worth downloading and giving a trial, avoid procrastination, and try out something fun, different, and mind-blowing for a change. Let’s not forget it’s unique photo gallery feature which allows you check out photo collections of your matches.

Download the Lovelink Mod APK version of this Lovelink game and enjoy other augmented features that aids in the growth and the experience of all it’s users. It’s also it’s No Ads Feature.


Download the Lovelink Mod APK 1.5.13 (which is the latest version) and gain access to find and chat with your potential lover/ husband or wife. Enjoy all the amazing features that also come with this app. don’t miss out on all the fun.  

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