Ria Money Transfer In Walmart | Ria Money Transfer Customer Service

Ria Money Transfer In Walmart – Ria money is one of the top leading money transfer services worldwide, customers can now easily send money from any Ria agent location around the world and they can also claim the money at any Walmart location in the U.S.

Ria company provides money transfer service via a network of agents, online, and store locations all over the world. The major aim of Ria money transfer is to serve countries with unbanked and underbanked customers to enable them easily to send and receive money.

Ria Money Transfer In Walmart  |  Ria Money Transfer Customer Service

Ria Money Transfer – Features

Ria money transfer service provides customers with a secured and convenient money transfer service. They offer a low priced transfer service as low as $0 depending on the amount of money you want to send.

The more money you send, the more your transaction will cost but the price per dollar per transfer decreases when you send large amounts. Sending money to a person’s bank account is the least expensive option, while debit and credit card transactions cost higher.

With Ria money transfer, you can make quick transfers as many times as you can. The service eliminated the need to go queue up in a bank to transfer large and small amounts of money. It allows you to use your phone or PC in the comfort of your home or office to send and receive money.

Ria And Walmart – Relationship Between Ria And Walmart

Ria money transfer is fast, affordable, and very secure to use, the company has over 350,000 agent locations worldwide including in the U.S.

Aside the Ria money transfer service, Ria company also operates a Walmart2walmart money transfer service which was established by Ria and Walmart – this service allows users to send money to people from any Walmart store all over the world.

Ria money transfer service partnership with Walmart has brought about a lot of benefits to users all over the world. They provide customers with a low-cost money transfer service, an effective and high-quality money transfer service too.

The top leading money transfer service “Ria” has been recognized as one of Walmart’s outstanding service providers. Michael .j. Brown (Chairman Ria company) stated – “we have enjoyed working with Walmart to provide our customers with an easy to use service at a great and quality value, we are happy that customers will now have a broader selection of product to enjoy the simplicity of walmart2walmart when transferring money to their loved ones. We will continue to work collaboratively with Walmart to give our customers high quality products at an exceptional price”.

While Walmart continues to be a leader in corporate philanthropy, sustainability, and employment opportunities, the Ria company has been steadfast in it’s commitment to its customers all over the world.

Ria has indeed proven their reliability as they gained Walmart’s service provider award twice – this awards reflects the high quality of Ria service combined with the value of walmart2walmart products.

However, Ria and Walmart have built a very strong relationship for the past few years and that is why Ria remains the best-licensed money transfer provider for all Walmart money transfer transactions.

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