Reasons Why Sleeping Next to your Phone is Bad

It’s just a bad habit we young adults tend to cultivate. There’s always something to check on your device before going to bed. It really a bad idea considering the end result of it all.

It’s gonna be quite difficult staying away from something that literally part of your everyday life for hours but you’ll be able to do it, trust me. Especially after seeing what and what it does to your health and how it may affect you.

Reasons Why Sleeping Next to your Phone is Bad

Reasons Why you shouldn’t fall asleep with your Phone right beneath your pillow or beside you

We’ll discover some new stuff that may seem shocking but are really true. Some effects of leaving your phone right beside you or under your pillow.

  •  Sleeping tends to be difficult: as funny as it seems it’s true. The research was carried out and discoveries were made that most young adults use Tech Device( e.g cellphones, TVs, computers, laptops, video games, etc within the period of one hour then head to bed.

    The most operated on are smartphones. Your body and brain don’t get enough time to relax properly, you could get carried away by an interesting game or a nice conversation/ chat and a lot more distractions that tend to pop us while your smartphone is close by.
  • Sleeping next to your devices messes up your sleeping cycle: Operating a smartphone before going to bed exposes you to blue light. Mobile device screens tend to send out “Blue Lights” which is fine in the daytime but harmful at night unknowingly to a lot of people thought there are helpful filters you could get that reduce it. Exposure to blue light toys with your “Circadian rhythm”.

    The Circadian rhythm is a 24hrs internal clock in our brain that tends to regulate our cycles of alertness and sleepiness by responding to light changes in the environment. Our mobile devices have messed a lot of people’s Circadian rhythm greatly especially through the blue light.

    You might even feel all grumpy and tired the next morning. So in other to avoid the effect of blue light, the damage from Circadian rhythm, and a bad mood (from not getting enough sleep) give yourself an hour of no screen time before going to bed.
  • Low risk for radiation exposure: Most people say mobile phones cause Cancer though currently there no solid proof on how genuine that information is but research was carried out on rats in 1999 by the National Toxicology Program and the end results stated that the rats had tumors, both benign and malignant in the rat’s hearts, brains and adrenal glands.

    However, the FDA says close to 30 years of scientific results have never linked exposure to the radiofrequency energy from our devices to a health problem i.e. Cancer. Your device sends out a “low level of non-ionizing radiation” when in use.

    It makes the phone hot mostly when it’s been used for quite some time and such heat isn’t good for your body tissues. Helpful Tips: (a). Keep your phone at least 4-5 feet from your body. (b). If you feel like listening to some nice slow jam before bed you could use an earbud or a Bluetooth speaker. (c). Try picking calls using an earpiece if you’ve got one or an earbud and avoid keeping your phones in your pockets if possible.

It’s going to be hard but it would be worth the trials. Leave your phone in another room if there is and if not place it a bit far from your bed. With that turning off the alarm in a jiffy with sleepy eyes wouldn’t be so easy.

So even though your Circadian rhythm has been messed with, you’ll have no option but to get out of bed and turn it off which afterward you prepare for the day. I hope these tips were helpful and nice, do well to leave feedback. Enjoy

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