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There is a major difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring. Some of them are based on the materials they made up of. For example, taking into consideration the shape and size of the glittering object used. Which could be made of precious stones like the diamond, gold or other expensive gemstones. And some are based on the emotional values that depend on the particular reason and period they were presented.

promise ring

For engagement rings, it should be noted that you either present or collect an engagement ring, if you are certain about the fact that you and the other party involved is willing to spend the rest of their lives with each other after the formal request has been duly accepted.

On the contrary, the reason why promise rings are given is strictly restricted to being in the minds and hearts of both the wearer and the receiver, as sincere promises made to each other that shouldn’t be broken under normal circumstances are said to each other during the presentation.

Importance of a Promise Ring

The significance of a promise ring is based on personal reflections, and cannot be specially pointed out by just any person. But most of the time to which it is issued. It tends to seal trust, and stand in place for love and commitment to strive.

It could involve promises of engagement and marriage, promises that are said to happen after a person graduates from college, or promises that comes after a long period of being away probably in another country, or promises of help when one makes it financially in life etc.

Promise rings are becoming more popular within cliques of boyfriends and girlfriends that have a long-term intention of getting married along the line. But are not ready to thread on the boring path of being too formal in the way they take things in their relationships. But know that they would someday love to put a tag on their relationships.

For these ones,  use of rings seems to sound too serious and are felt to be for persons who have moved in together, and have no reason whatsoever stopping/limiting them from getting married or at least getting engaged.

In the nearest future, if an engagement ring comes along the line, the promise ring is then changed to another finger because the promise of the ring has come to pass. That is if this promise was based on engagement /marriage.

On other Other Relationship Types

Promise rings could be given to friends, with promises made to these friends as they put it on. These rings could also be passed to a baby by his/her mother, as a way of saying she’ll love the child forever.

Promise rings could be used as a way of assuring a spouse or a close friend that you are going to stay pure and abstain from sex over a certain period. They can be used as a promise over anything, really, they could be used as an assurance of faith, or a vow to quit and break a bad habit for good.


Promise rings are usually tinier and kept simpler when compared to the engagement rings, and that necessarily mean they must be worn on the traditional wedding finger. The promise rings do not bring their focus to diamonds and shiny stones, they base on the overall design, and are usually kept simple in design. The ones made out of Metals are also often created differently.

Even when 18K and 14K gold seems to be the order of the day for making the perfect engagement rings, 10K gold are chosen based on their affordability and elegance in simplicity.

No matter the reason for giving or collecting a promise ring, it always looks perfect on individuals and tends to speak volume about love and commitment.

Where Can Promise Rings Be Found?

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