My Credit Card Application: How To Apply For A Credit Card For The First Time

My Credit Card Application – You feel a bit lost for the fact that you really do not know how to go about applying for a Credit card. We’ll loosen up and relax because this write-up will help you out on basic things you need to know. Read on and find out how it all works.

My Credit Card Application

What is a Credit Card?

 A credit card is a thin rectangular piece of either plastic or mental give. By a bank or a financial services company to give cardholder access to borrow money to purchase items or pay for a service with merchants that accept cards for payment.

However, the loans collect from banks or lenders must be paid back with a certain agreed interest at an agreed time for payback. Failure to do so comes with its own consequences.

Getting a credit card comes with various means of Application. You could Apply through your phones or online (any method that’s convenient for you).

Although, there are various important factors to consider before applying for a credit card i.e its benefits, features, fees and rates, terms and conditions etc.  

My Credit Card Application

 Credit Cards has got its unique benefits it offers to it’s users (cardholders). They are:

  • Cashback.
  • Rewards.
  • Welcome bonuses.
  • Miles points

These benefits are accessible to cardholders on qualified purchases.

  However, there are some cards that have the pre-qualified stage available whereby individuals that are yet to get a Credit Card would actually know if they are eligible to make a move towards getting a CC( Credit Card) or not .

Requirements For A Credit Card

  There will be basic requirements required when applying for a Credit Card. They include:

  1.  Your Address.
  2. Your phone number.
  3. Your full name.
  4. Your date of birth (DOB).
  5. Your income details.
  6. Social Security Number ( SSN).

Visa Credit Card Application

With the Visa CC, you’ll have access to traditional benefits or premium rewards. The Visa Card users benefit from a large variety of offers i.e food, drinks, shopping, entertainment, and many more.

We’ve got various Visa Credit Cards . Some of it are:

  1. Chase Freedom Unlimited
  2. Sapphire preferred card.
  3. Ink Business Unlimited.
  4. United Business card.
  5. Ink Business card.
  6. Credit one bank ® Unsecured Visa With Cashback rewards.
  7. Credit One Bank Visa for Rebuilding credit.

To get more Visa Credit Cards, go online.

 Requirements To Apply For A Credit Card

   Some things you’ll need to apply for a credit card are going to be mentioned below.

  •  To apply for a Credit Card you must be up to 21 or 18 years old.
  • You must have a Social Security Number or government issues ID.
  • Your source of income must be reasonable.
  • You must have a good Credit History .

    The above mentioned are the important requirements needed before an application process can Work .

How To Apply For A Credit Card For the First Time

This guide will help you as a new applicant for the Credit Card. There are various websites for each credit card issuer so head to the one that suits you best and goes for it.

  • Head to where eventually all the credit cards sites will be present.
  • Go to the Search button to fine the card of your choice.
  • Once you’ve found what your looking for select the Apply now button.
  • Once you click on Apply Now, you be taken to the cards official homepage or the Application page.
  • Type in your personal data i.e your name, phone number, DOB, SSN and address.
  • Enter your Income details.
  • Enter your home address if required.
  • Click on Submit.

The procedure differ according to some CC.

How To Check My Credit Card Application Status

  The steps below will serve as a guide on how your application status online can be checked.

  •  Head to the website of the bank which your applying for.
  • Search for Credit Card.
  • Select the Track Application or Check Application Status which will take you to a new page.
  • Type in the required data.
  •  Select the Submit option.
  • Your Application Status will show on your screen once you’ve Submitted.

To get your application status, call the customer care agent.

Instant Approval Credit Card

The list of instant approval are:

  • Secured MasterCard From Capital One.
  • Applied Bank Secured Visa Gold Preferred.
  • Indigo ® Unsecured MasterCard
  • Reflex Master Card.

Those are cards with the fastest Application approval.

That’s basically what you need to know on Credit Cards especially as a new Application or not. Hope it was helpful. Do enjoy all its features.

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